Why Brett Kavanaugh’s White Privilege Will Get Him Confirmed

There’s no doubt that Thursday’s Senate hearing, that showcased the highly-anticipated testimony from a visibly shaken and undeniably brave woman, who dared to publicly attest to the horrific incident that changed her life forever — has taken a major toll on anyone whose emotionally or modestly invested.

Christine Blasey Ford shared the heart-wrenching account of what happened when she attended a house party, and was unexpectedly subjected to violence at the hands of a seventeen-year-old male, who she alleges is Brett Kavanaugh, a federal judge who is gunning for a Supreme Court nomination.

It was a long and miserable day, and the dreariness of the clouds and misty rain only heightened the dampness of mood, and the helplessness of watching a woman — rattled to the core — painfully revisiting her personal nightmare in full view of a weary nation.

But once Kavanaugh entered the arena, there was a shift into a maddening blaze of recognition, as his temperament began and ended with the residue of an over-grown frat boy — whose privileged upbringing prepared him for the falsehood of how he’s somehow immune to the process of being processed — under the very same system that condemns Black people even before their able to save their own lives.

Twitter was scorching with irriatation, at the audacity of Kavanaugh’s fiery attitude, as he shed tears of anger, and then proceeded to unleash sheets of venom that contained accusatory language that was meant to exaggerate his victimhood.

He got into verbal matches with Democrats who were simply doing the job they are paid to do on behalf of their designation stations.

There were plenty of cringe-worthy moments, but the very worst has to be the Q&A with Sen. Amy Klobuchar, (D-Minn.), who rightly probed deeper into Kavanaugh’s past drinking habits in a way that obviously ticked him off — because he disgustingly turned that moment into an unfair attack that will undoubtedly haunt him.

Klobuchar admitted that her own father struggled with alcoholism, right after Kavanaugh tearfully thanked her for treating him with respect during an earlier meeting — but when she pushed further about the subject of “blacking out” after a heavy drinking spell — the judge responded with this shocker:

“You’re talking about blackout. I don’t know. Have you?”

Needless to say, his comeback was incredibly inappropriate and downright offensive, especially when you consider that he had just been briefed by Klobuchar, about her personal connection with alcohol addiction, and how she had watched her father suffer.

Kavanaugh later apologized for his appalling behavior, but that didn’t seem to encourage him to do better, as he continued to conduct himself with indignant pride, that resulted in numerous interruptions, snappy retorts, and the level of annoyance that seemed to indicate his frustration with the notion that he had to endure what he didn’t deserve.

Whether or not you’re an interested party who wants to see him win, or you shudder at the sound of his name, based on the damning accusations that ring true — the one thing that can’t be denied, is the fact that Brett Kavanaugh’s White privilege will get him confirmed.

In Black America, injustice is the religion of our discontent, as we witness the high-res version of Black bodies — mutilated by high-powered weapons or steely White fists — courtesy of killers in powerful positions that sport the badges of dishonor.

When we can’t stream the horror shows featuring Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland or all the others who’ve died at the hands of systemic betrayal — then we are left to imagine the terrifying last moments of young lads like Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice, who couldn’t even rely on the anchor of youth to bail them out.

Watching Kavanaugh rage his way through his portion of Thursday’s event was a revolting experience, mainly because of his esteemed position in the judicial system, and how his ambitions have clearly robbed him of the ability to display the expected level of reverence — that’s required for someone who is aiming for the top spot in the sector of government that carries an impressive amount of responsibility.

The spoiled brat, who bemoaned his current disposition with utter disdain for those who are purposely punishing him as retaliation for the present national crisis and past grievances — isn’t worthy of the grand prize — but he will get it anyway — because White males always win.

White men can fuss and curse, and basically defecate all over the world stage, and still return home to a standing ovation. They can spend their teen years terrorizing neighborhoods with drunk driving episodes, and actually cause a fatal crash, and still manage to be released to society after a brief stint in jail.

White men are romanticized for their “Peter Pan Syndrome” which enables them to escape the kind of judgment that’s geared towards their darker counterparts.

Kavanaugh was able to be righteously disrespectful, with all the renderings of a bad boy who has the right to throw his weight around and mock the very process that he supposedly comprehends more than anybody — because he’s a White guy who isn’t used to fighting for his life.

He’s used to always having it his way, and enjoying the privilege of Whiteness that guarantees him safe passage without the unfortunate detour into unfamiliar territory.

Of course, Blasey Ford, was the complete opposite when she had the floor earlier that morning. Her body language and presentation embodied the spirit of someone who was willing to comply with the rules of conduct in an effort to achieve the goal of complete disclosure.

As a woman, it would have been tragic if she had lost her cool the way Kavanaugh was able to do, and that fact was part of an interesting Tweet that went viral, and inevitably brought up another side of the equation.

As usual, praising a White woman requires the demonization of Black women, who are deemed “strong enough” to carry the burden of the world, including the consequences of fuck ups that we fought really hard to avoid, but when enough White women want Trump — nothing stands in their way.

Kavanaugh is White enough to make it through, and it may not be with flying colors, but it will be epically profound for those who were convinced that his downfall was imminent.

There’s also the matter of the man-baby in The White House, and how his privilege has afforded him the pleasure of intoxicating an already ailing nation with his brand of Whiteness that’s potently supreme.

If history has taught us anything — it’s the practice of observing the value of a currency that yields deadly returns based on the negligence of those who bank on its durability at the expense of Truth, Justice and the American Way.

It’s the privilege most of us can’t afford — but we’re stuck with it anyway.

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