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Why Booing Trump At The World Series Was Necessary

The chants heard around the world is causing some controversy with most of us applauding the exercise of America’s most sacred gift, that allows freedom of speech without consequences.

This privilege is invaluable to those of us who grew up in the climate of dictatorship that swelled with the deadly ramifications for outspoken citizens, who would rather die than watch their villages succumb to environmental hazards from oil rigging.

Yes, it was delightful to watch President Trump’s face dissolve from a broad smile to measured confusion, as the loud boos, which apparently are reserved for every president who attends the World Series, regardless of the scale of assholishness — promptly converted into the soundtrack of his KKK-themed rallies with resounding cries of “Lock Him Up!”

The viral clips were reviewed multiple times with instinctive relish by members of my household, as we danced to the music that filled our ears with overwhelming happiness at the sight of Melania Trump, trying with all her might to maintain herself in the midst of what she hadn’t considered when she agreed to tag along.

There was also a brief moment of acknowledgment on behalf of Trump’s brutalized nemesis, and former political rival Hillary Clinton, who has had to endure the abuse of hearing #MAGA disciples eagerly chant “Lock Her Up!” at almost every gathering that features combative moves against stationed reporters from vilified media outlets.

The fiesta of loud condemnation directed at a celebrated gangster, who has maximized his privileges as a White male with the allowance to terrorize this country, from the moment he announced his candidacy for the highest office in the land, was the much-needed payback for the irrevocable damage that has been wrought by the polarizing presence of a self-professed White nationalist.

But the studious assessment of the historic moment that transpired at the Nationals Park in Washington D.C., during game five of the World Series, didn't match up with the excitement that vibrated my timeline, as the disapproving hosts of MSNBC staple Morning Joe, duly expressed their dismay over the explosive reception that greeted the embattled first couple.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski argued that it was simply “un-American” for frustrated and disgusted Americans to seize the prime opportunity to show the world exactly how much they detest a shameless traitor.

Never mind that he’s already a pro at being unceremoniously feted when you recall the season of the Trump Baby blimp, courtesy of feisty Londoners, who also couldn’t hide their loathing.

The morning show team were also adamant that the world would be appalled at the realization that an American president can be subjected to a public crucifixion, that strips him of the dignity and respect that must be earned through the actions that validate the honor that has to be reciprocal.

Here’s the thing, there’s no doubt that Trump and his posse were so sure that their appearance at the World Series would inspire the cheers and thunderous applause that would ordinarily happen for a victorious Commander-in-Chief, who just announced the epic defeat of the “number one terrorist in the world,” who “died like a dog,” “whimpering, screaming, and crying” like a “coward.”

But even his delivery of that historic event was less than “commanding,” as he brashly boasted about his latest conquest with the distasteful bravado that has sadly become normalized.

It was hard not to be reminded of the stoic address that President Obama calmly bequeathed the nation back in 2011, after it was confirmed that Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attack had been killed during a successful raid.

The celebration that followed included a crowd of revelers who gathered near the White House to toast the demise of a renowned global disrupter, and shout the praises of the first-ever Black Commander-in-Chief, who was a naturally cool dude, with the worldliness and intelligence that money can’t buy.

Trump will spend the rest of his days being tormented by the impeccable track record of the Black man who is factually more superior to his Whiteness in every conceivable way.

Obama wasn’t perfect by any means, but he was and still is presidential, and his popularity around the world was the catalyst for the international relations that securely thrived, until a bullish thug broke into the White House and proceeded to destroy the strong ties that are now weathered from the strain of neglect and defacement.

This is why it was more than necessary and appropriate for the crowds to boo Trump at the hotspot of our national pastime, with the rhythmic chant that will hopefully serve as evidence of how Americans strike back when they’ve been forced to accommodate the domineeringly hostile climate, that the special guest of the evening willfully created.

Trump and his staff of fools are unapologetically ornery, and the ongoing impeachment inquiry has given permission for the level of lawlessness and abusiveness that hints at the dangerous road ahead if things continue to escalate without mandated interference.

The so-called White House press secretary has refused to hold the daily press briefings, and instead continues to perfect her skills as the Twitter troll who attacks mainstream media while retweeting and echoing the insults her boss spews out on an hourly basis.

Donald Trump is a deplorable cretin, with egomaniacal tendencies that direct his inability to be the selfless leader who absorbs the basic requirements of his illustrious position, as the overseer of a “super power,” without criminally manifesting the various ways in which he can profit from the proximity to greatness, at the expense of our national security.

It would take an eternity to jot down every single damning episode that this toxic administration has orchestrated, but the moral of this story is basically steeped in the joyousness and gratification of sweet revenge in its most scathing form.

We have to respectfully disagree with the summation of Morning Joe by declaring how un-American it is to have a White nationalist as president, who retweets offensive content from the accounts of far-right extremists, while levying racist insults at four Congresswomen of color by ordering them back to their “shithole,” countries, despite their American citizenship.

It’s un-American for the president to relentlessly attack and devalue the worth of news organizations that are more loyal to the truth and commitment of calling out the nefariousness emanating from the epicenter of nationalized chaos.

It’s un-American for the Commander-in-Chief to aggressively mock and demean war heroes who were brave enough to make that ultimate sacrifice for the country they love, unlike the blithering coward who lied his way out of military service.

Donald Trump is a bloated scoundrel who has massacred the reputation of a country that he hates enough to punish for the sins that are finally catching up to him.

There’s nothing “American” about these harrowing times, and pretending that everything is normal won’t save us. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and “real Americans” know what’s up.

The national anthem will have to wait because there’s a new soundtrack that perfectly exemplifies our status.

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