Why Black People Deserve to be Cautiously American

and what White people can do to stay out of the way

Yes, it’s everywhere. Colin Kaepernick’s defiant stand against the incoherency of the National Anthem has become a National crisis.

The anthem — while quite beautiful in its delivery — fails to uphold the promises embedded in the verses.

As the NFL season grips the TV sets of revelers — the code on the street is divided between the thick lines of Black and White.

Or maybe it isn’t that black and white.

The blurry gray hues certainly leave stains of evidence that this amazingly vibrant country is truly crippled beyond repair.

No, racism and the pollution of hate that is only gaining traction from a man who is running for president with the support of energized bigots — will not disappear because an ambitious athlete with a conscious is leading the charge in a quest for justice and the Black American Way.

But, what is unfolding proves why valued democracy can’t be downplayed for the honor of a song — that never really expresses the residue of slavery and the generations that have to live with the consequences — that never quite disappear into the folds of accrued time.

On September 11, 2016 — the 15th anniversary of the terroists attacks — The Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks were poised to square against each other. Four of the team members from the Dolphins — Jelani Jenkins, Arian Foster, Michael Thomas, and Kenny Stills decided to pick up the baton of heroism by kneeling while the anthem chimed though the fields.

It was a beautiful demonstration of what it means to be cautiously American.

White people don’t like it when Black people challenge their space in ways that demand the utmost attention. Especially the ones with money and power. The ones who have benefitted from their All-American features in more ways than one. The ones who sit on the sidelines and kick back with careless bliss while fellow citizens are lodged in a bullet-ridden nightmare. The ones who claim that racism is a myth manufactured for the benefit of a people who “cry wolf” whenever they feel neglected. The ones who refuse to admit the obvious — even when it’s grossly displayed for the world to see. The ones who are settled in their interpretation of what it means to be a patriot — amongst a population that still sifts between the stages of life and death — with registered and perfected moves that have been tragically sprouted from experience.

The White people who dare to order us around in our grief.

They have the impeccable audacity to demand that we hold off from protesting the deaths of innocent lives — because the National Anthem demands a level of respect that surpasses the spirit of a twelve-year-old boy who was shot in the gut for playing in the park with a toy gun.

Those types need to stay out of our way.

Here’s the thing. There is no perfect time to stand up to injustice.

There is the need and the instinctual pull towards the light of recognition that the United States of American is comfortably Un-United. White people aren’t at all faded by this realization because their status is unaffected. This isn’t your fault at all. I suppose if I had been hit by the gods of good fortune — I too would be protected from the horrors of being a person of color in a country that clearly devalues those attributes.

White America and Black America will never intersect and that is exactly the way it should be.

However, when we decide to retaliate for the ones who no longer have the voice or the form to do so — never assume you are a part of that movement or forcibly insert yourself in a bid for patriotic bullshit because you will lose every time.

Our battle has nothing to do with your birthright or White privilege that will undoubtedly remain sufficiently intact. What we won’t tolerate is the bitchiness of an overpaid model and the generic offerings from an 80’s child star who may or may not have raped an underaged girl in a video tape that still didn’t end his career.

Black people are resilient beyond words. We internalize the unthinkable with spirited accommodation that quite honestly astounds me and I am a guest at this party.

We were built from steel and nails that refused to shut us out from the searing truth. You have to imagine how we accepted the historical threads of our existence and parlayed the remnants to the present day — which still stinks of the decay that can’t be sprayed away — no matter how high we soar.

We had a Black president and that still did nothing to rescue us from the foil of White dominion.

Fair enough. A Black family in The White House means nothing when he owes favors to the White politicians who guaranteed his entry and securement. But, please don’t imagine for a minute that you have the right to teach us about our beliefs — and the fucked up justice system when you are exempt from the rules that were rigged for your pleasure and our banishment.

Dear White folks, if you’re all about it — then keep lending your voices and precious time — but if you’re disgusted by our need to remind you of the vileness that continues to stifle the freedom of Black folks — perhaps you can try a little harder.

Try to educate yourselves and don’t give up when the images and videos get too Black and threaten to overcome the paint of endowment that you have become accustomed to.

If this is too much to ask — just stay out of the way.

Shit is only going to stink even more as the months fly by and in order to stay lily white and clean — maybe it’s best to shut your mouths and concentrate on what you know best like — The Duggars and whatever else expresses your culture the best.

Sorry that was bitchy of me but I am only trying to keep up.

Black America is a separate entity and we don’t understand any language that can’t be interpreted accordingly. We definitely get what Colin Kaepernick is saying with bodily strength. We can also translate the left over manna from Darren Seals even as he hovers over the scene of his demise.

We get it.

Being American in America is a White thing. Being Black American in White America is Un-American.

Get it?

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