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Why Bey and Jay Needed To Release Those Bedroom Shots

So — the King and Queen of everything just dropped some steamy images that depict the couple in relaxed poses within the themes of intimacy — and while I find them stunningly refreshing — others think this latest display of affection is a desperate attempt to sell concert tickets.


There’s also the kiddies who feel uncomfortable with the proof that “auntie and uncle” have no qualms exposing their love nest to the world. Why are they acting so thirsty!

Here’s the thing — Bey and Jay needed to release those bedroom shots because they’ve earned the right to do so. It’s not being “thirsty” — it’ called fulfillment.

We’re embodying an age where social media users feel empowered by the possibility that what they think or tweet can swiftly elevate or deflate the careers of some of the most powerful individuals in the world.

“Influencers” with tons of followers who are just starting out — but feel entitled to crush the opinions of seasoned workers with less worshippers — are operating with the assumption that every syllable they post — is a gem that needs to be endorsed and even weaponized.

They also believe they can crash luxurious hotels all over the globe — based on the premise that they have the power to boost the progress of already established powerhouses.


If you don’t retweet your disdain for Ye and his Ye with all the venom you can amass — then you can’t be invited to another roast. He said some shit awhile back — and now it’s done. He used to be Black but now he’s colorless. We used to depend on him for our self-worth and now he’s worthless. We used to be seduced by his verses and brilliance and we still are — but can’t admit it out loud.

The culture of being social with the backing of the media — and it’s minions is becoming a suffocating climate of robotics that’s paralyzing the freedom of expression in ways that are interestingly provocative.

How dare Beyonce and Jay Z take control of their narrative by splashing snippets of their pleasure chamber as if we’re supposed to be impressed by such an undertaking.

Are they starved for more attention? Do they need to re-verify their ability to break the internet? Are they hoping to surpass the quota for concert tickets?

What the fuck?

Maybe the music industry’s royal couple doesn’t need your input or approval when it comes to how they select the imagery for their look book.

They’ve certainly earned the right to step into grown folk territory after almost two decades together — through the ups and downs and the plastered fascination of hives that are dedicated to thwart any threats of negativity from haters.

Those dreamy shots that showcase so much in tasteful plushes of flesh and soulfulness — are exactly what is needed for sample artistry that doesn’t care whether or not gawkers will be influenced to construct threads — tracing all the reasons why Jay is too old and Bey is too perfect to be so transparent.

We like to tell them what to do and how to act as if they give a damn.

This cycle of invisible leadership that misleads us into believing our non-existent regime — has to be blown to bits by those who dare to send the reminder of how we don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

The true artists comprehend how little you care and they’re ready to make you eat your colorful words of praise that eventually end up with chips and watermarks.

The supremely cavalier attitude of The Carters reinforces their worth as well as the cerebral ability to disarm the threads of disloyalty — that gives the art of engagement the shitty reputation it’s been garnering.

As for me — I’m inspired by the nakedness of concealment that leaves itself open to interpretation.

That is all.

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