Why Being Too Editorial is Working Against Me

You’re a good writer. But, we need less editorial and more facts, quotes, and any reactions from verified users on Twitter.

To be “verified” is the equivalent of being classified as an elite. Every tweet and every post means more and reaches even higher any time you spare the time to share.

I am ashamed to admit that when I recently took a position at a famed news organization — I was blinded by the optics of interference.

I was blocking my view the whole time because I am idealistic and stuck in the past.

I refuse to mature and adopt the discipline of the new regime. I want to still bask in the freedom of expression that doesn’t carry the staunch adherence to flawless salesmanship — that has to be executed with gruesome manipulation.

Just make sure you lowercase the tweets and use as many hashtags as possible. Don’t rely on your voice but rather populate with what everyone else is recycling.

Just recycle better.

I am outing myself.

I’m the latter and I won’t cry about it.

I will form a rebellion and fight the bad guys clothed as energetic Millennials who like to boss me around.

I only take orders from Shakespeare and the dictionary.

They served me well once. And they will again.

Shit! I need to get to my editorial meeting. I’m going to be occupied for about twenty-eight minutes — learning how I can save my job by being anything but editorial.

Typos and retweet — anyone?

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