Why Aren’t We Talking About How Having a White Supremacist as President is A Life-Threatening Condition

While the media can’t get enough of Trump’s never-ending antics — which include firing his Secretary of State via Twitter and tormenting us with his sexual exploits — as they dominate the conversation at dinner tables in almost every household — I’m preoccupied with the horror show that nobody else seems to be engrossed in.

Imagine a scenario — where packaged bombs are delivered to the neighborhood homes of a mostly White community — and as expected — the oblivious occupants are either badly hurt or killed once they pick up the nondescript parcel at their doorstep.

The alarms would sound and there would be an immediate need to track down the perpetrators who are obviously targeting a specific group in a quest to fuel an already hostile climate — that is threatening to validate the future statistics — that claim how there will be more people of color than Caucasians by a certain date.

But since in real life — the victims of this hate crime are mostly Black with one hispanic woman on record — it appears despite the frightening prospect of what is unfolding — this potential national crisis is just another fucked up consequence of having a White supremacist as president.

While doing some research to prove what most of us already know — I found out that the increase in hate crime across the nation as of 2017 — has risen even higher than I thought:

In New York City, hate crimes jumped 28.4 percent; in Los Angeles by 13 percent; in Philadelphia by 9 percent; in Chicago, by 8.3 percent, and in Phoenix, Arizona, by a whopping 46 percent. Houston, the nation’s №4 city, bucked the trend, reporting five incidents through July 31, the same number as last year.

Basically — Trump’s ascension to the throne is not just a global catastrophe — but also a life-threatening condition for a population that continues to be brutalized by a system that refuses to update its transcripts accordingly.

We can’t pretend that the President of the Unites States didn’t vocalize his empathy for the White men who added #Charlottesville to the long list that contains all the shitty things White people have done in the name of their supremacy and privileged status.

We can’t ignore the fact that almost all if not all of President Trump’s supporters are racists to the core and truly believe the words in the bible in same the way Islamists terrorists interpret The Quran for their betterment.

White people who hate Black people are now free to knife us to death on the streets of New York in broad daylight — or choose prominent Black families to terrorize with packages that explode on contact.

The media glides over the news bulletin with a quickness in order to return to the obsession that will continue to paralyze us for another couple of years. We spend oodles of time dissecting, analyzing and critiquing the lack of brain power of a man that revels in the attention he commands from those that are paid to penetrate the inaccessible.

There’s nothing fascinating about Trump — and yet news organizations leech onto him as if his absence would be their death. And all that we’ve managed to achieve is the new-found celebrity of a porn star who is milking her fame with stunned gratitude.

But the real news about splattered body parts on the streets of Austin, Texas gets shoved to the pile that can wait for those rainy days that will never come — because the emergency that presently makes it hard for me to walk down the street without hoping that the cars zooming by don’t feel the urge to run me down — has become “a normal” that finally has to be accepted.

Of course being “Black in America” has never been an ideal disposition and the history of crimes against us is incalculable and defies every logic known to man — but that doesn’t mean that we should downplay the vital role the president is playing when it comes to how much more rampant and aggressive hate crimes are becoming.

As a Black woman — who pays her taxes and maintains a law-abiding status — I deserve to feel protected from internal and external forces that could toss me into clear and present danger. But as it stands — whenever I step outside and attempt to conduct my usual business — I am at risk of being knifed, shot at, run over or torn apart — at the whim of vengeful White supremacists who are experiencing the highlights of having a leader who can’t ever publicly condemn their actions.

In this age of social media and the trending authority of hashtags — the unfortunate trade off is the realization that Kylie’s new baby daughter will receive more hits than the shooting death of a Black high school student — in what is being described as “an apparent gun accident.”

Courtlin Arrington was hoping to be a nurse one day — but those dreams died in circumstances that are murky at best — but prove beyond a doubt that having guns in schools as a security measure is definitely not a lifesaver.

Trump’s presence in The White House is breeding a level of chaos that is unprecedented — and using these intensely dangerous times as material for SNL sketches or countless opportunities to gather round the table to spew out the stuff that never qualifies as informative or educational — just doesn’t cut it.

People are dying in large numbers almost daily — and as a person of color who is at high risk — I don’t get why we’re not talking about this more and putting necessary pressure on those in power positions — to investigate how the terrorists ambitions of White supremacists can be disabled before it gets us all killed.

I’m not sure what the best course of action is — but I’m pretty certain it doesn’t have shit to do with Stormy Daniels.

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