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Why Aren’t Presidential Candidates Talking About The Hate Crime That Killed Elijah Al-Amin?

First off, we need to give two thumbs down to the way the media has decided to mishandle the horrific slaying of a seventeen-year-old Arizona boy, who had his throat sliced by a White supremacist.

It’s unforgivably reckless to plaster the notion that this poor Black teen was killed because he was listening to rap music in his car, and how the audacity of those actions caused a “mentally-fragile” White man to lose his shit and react in a manner that can only be categorized as a racially-charged.

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Another day, another whack ass headline about a hate crime

These so-called journalists that are stationed at “reputable” news outlets are a gang of deplorables.

It’s so easy to attack Trump with his own brand of medicine all day, every day, but when it comes to the simple task of appropriately reporting on matters that are ultra-sensitive and actively urgent, with the level of professionalism and extreme caution that would ensure the precise delivery of these items without the burden of shameless cowardice — all bets are off.

A heinous hate crime is reduced to the rubble of stereotypes that do nothing to capture the heightened climate of domestic terrorism, that arms White men with the legality of their hate, and how that rhetoric with the blessing of the Trump administration — is being ambitiously unleashed in the streets of America.

Each updated newsfeed contains the filthiness of a terminal industry, that has succumbed to the duty of aiding and betting the quest of a destructive supreme leader.

A White nationalist, who seduced the once dignified station of journalism and swiftly whipped it into a giant pudding of shit, that only expands to accommodate the profitable wins that come with obsessing over a thuggish figure that the history books will destroy in the decades to come.

President Donald J. Trump’s blighted legacy will be embroiled in his damnation of Black and Brown, and how he and his criminalized establishment dangerously capitalized on the abhorrence of bigotry, by elevating the overall appeal of Whiteness by guiltlessly engaging in crimes against humanity.

Under this roguish administration, we’ve witnessed the horrific plight of displaced and grieving survivors of Hurricane Maria, the mammoth storm that wreaked havoc on an already harassed island, that has been suffering gross negligence from a government that publicly shames their pain and suffering by highlighting outstanding debts; while mocking lives lost due to minimal assistance from designated agencies.

We’ve been privy to the crimes against humanity, in the form of the migrant issue that has worsened beyond belief. Yes, this isn’t necessarily an overnight catastrophe that became “a thing” with Trump’s doomed arrival, but the key component is how White nationalism has dictated that Brown bodies need to be caged and starved in order to maintain the supremacy of Whiteness without the threat of culture mixing.

This battle to protect the currency of Whiteness is a full blown epidemic that goes beyond the borders.

It’s the mandate that’s currently holding visa holders and applicants against their will, as punishment for hailing from the “shithole” countries that colonialism tore apart. Only adventurers of Scandinavian descent with bright-eyed hopes for the American dream are allowed seamless entry into the United States.

And of course the oldest trick in the book, that delegates law enforcement with the assignment of cleansing the streets with the blood flow of Black bodies, is the long-standing institutionalized form of ethnic cleansing that has been allowed to flourish under the jurisdiction of those who are robed with the power to maintain that status quo.

Even the recently announced bill that California lawmakers claim will drastically reduce the incidences of police brutality is a laughable feat when you consider how such a thing should never have to exist, if only recruits are given the level of training that provides thorough instructions on how to de-escalate situations that don’t have to end in the shoveling of bullet ridden teenagers into body bags.

When it comes to Black lives and the Black mothers who can’t stop crying over the senseless loss that will never be justified, the national emergency that features the murderous wiles of White males, who have been programmed to attack and kill Black people with the reliance of the weak defense that recognizes the non-existing mental ailments — has been normalized and endorsed by authoritative organizations — that are sheepishly committed to feigning ignorance when it comes to what constitutes a hate crime.

Civil rights groups are never confused about the tragic events that lead to the stabbing death of a young Black man by a White man. There’s no murkiness in the graphic details that don’t have to be accompanied by the tropes of Black culture with the resounding emphasis on “rap music,” and how “mentally ill” White men curiously only have a desire to brutalize the lives of those who are deemed expendable.

Activists who are dedicated to upholding the civil liberties of the oppressed are demanding that the death of Elijah Al-Amin at the hands of a White supremacist should be investigated as a hate crime.

And apparently, out of the extensive list of presidential hopefuls, who are busily bolstering their portfolios with politically correct fodder, that features the standard homage to “minority communities,” only former Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker, has showcased his empathy by answering the call as the seasoned leader, who is authentically connected to the life and death struggles that are plaguing Black and Brown.

The rest of the top contenders in the furious race for the White House, have remained loudly silent, and this is a serious setback for those of us who aren’t willing to give away our votes to well-rehearsed candidates, who aren’t displaying the characteristics that prove their devotion to solving our race problem — America’s most beloved sport.

Kamala Harris is mostly focused on highlighting the very real challenges facing Black women in America, but somehow that messaging doesn’t seem to include bereaved Black mothers, who are losing their Black children to the systemic violence that doesn’t incite the level of ire that forces the attention of high-profile politicians, seeking the highest office in the land.

Pete Buttigieg could’ve used this painful moment to demonstrate how the racially-themed agendas littered all over his Twitter page, aren’t just for show. But he unfortunately wasn’t briefed by his savvy staffers on the latest hate crime that stunned the community that he’s out-of-touch with, and his recently embattled status that exposes his pathetic track record when it comes to police brutality will undoubtedly haunt his campaign.

Both Elizabeth Warren and Kristen Gillibrand have also failed to recognize the terrifying end of an innocent Black teenager’s life, and how he continues to be vandalized by the scornful media.

The “junior senator from New York” has previously illustrated her inability to bravely speak out on behalf of a Black woman and Muslim-American, who was nationally terrorized over the 9/11 debacle. Gillibrand condemned Trump’s nauseating tweet, but chose to join the false accusations levied on Ilhan Omar.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders haven’t uttered a word to convey sympathies, along with the endearing promise to fight the diseased factions that are allowing hate crimes to eradicate targeted communities.

And Beto O’Rourke’s non-engagement in this issue isn’t much of a shocker for a myriad of reasons that are self-explanatory.

As the 2020 elections heat up, it’s becoming abundantly clear that the messiness of 2016, will return with vengeance.

Trump is more empowered now than he ever was, and as he resurrects the playbook of White nationalism with the signature phrases that vilify non-White America for the pleasure of White America, we can assume that what worked before, will absolutely work again.

Presidential candidates are being kicked about by the mechanisms of social media users who are vocally supportive or abusive, and the desperation to stand out in a crowded field of the privileged, is the unenviable exercise in discipline.

So far, it’s disappointing to observe the nonchalance being directed to the pulse of a national crisis that’s eating our Black youths alive.

The fact that Cory Booker was moved enough to mention the death of Elijah Al-Amin with the public declaration of how his killing is the hate crime that deserves justice, automatically bumps him up to the top of the list.

Domestic terrorism is a clear and present danger, and as long as it stays that way, I’m only interested in those who treat it with the somberness it requires, backed up by the actions that signal the road to progressiveness that will ultimately save the lives of the generations to come.

The fight for equality has to be the major focus of the upcoming elections, and if presidential candidates are clueless about that fact, then you can count most of us out of the process.


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