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They are going to kill us

Why Are We Pretending That Trump Isn’t The President Who Will Kill Us?

The rising tensions between the United States and Iran have reached new heights, and I’m not sure how anyone with blood flowing through their veins can accommodate this rapidly unfolding nightmare without suffocating under the duress of uncontainable anxiety, that won’t be reduced to a safe level until the most dangerous man in America is swiftly relieved of the duties that he was never qualified to execute.

Why are we pretending that Trump isn’t the president who was hired to kill us?

Why are we still juggling a symphony of theories about why Trump doesn’t say a bad word about Putin, when we can vividly recall how he ceremoniously kissed the ass of the murderous dictator who got him elected, about a year ago in Helsinki, and in full view of stunned world leaders and former allies?

How the fuck did White supremacy manage to antagonize the vessels of functionality by reducing the arteries to a bloody pulp of extremities, that feature the security breach that was reinforced by a renegade character, who nefariously bypassed the laws that made him president, by hiring his daughter and son-in-law, who are not only woefully inexperienced and unqualified, but also represent the prime example of the worst form of nepotism?

Why do we perpetually ignore the glaring signs of incompetency and gross mismanagement of a government that wasn’t just instituted for the people, but also served as the proudly enabled “world police,” with the accompaniments of eradicating threatening elements of criminality, that have tragically been redesigned to the peril of Black and Brown American citizens, who don’t fit the template of #MAGA?

How in the world was former secretary of defense James Mattis allowed to abruptly resign due to the inability to fully engage with a terrifically idiotic man-baby, who requires periodic diaper changes, and the constant hand-held bottle, that gluttonously feeds his inconsistencies and episodic tantrums, that make it impossible to strategize matters of life and death?

And why in the name of all that is holy, was the recently dismissed Patrick Shanahan, who served as the acting secretary of defense, allowed access to the war room when his blemished past was always the stain that couldn’t be successfully slathered with nonchalance?

Why weren’t the powers-that-be adequately considerate of the weightiness of a role that desperately needs zero distractions with the cognizance of how the lack of an active Commander-in-Chief, leaves this nation vulnerable to the wiles of detractors who are “cocked and loaded” to finish what they started?

And now that Iran is poised for whatever has to transpire in this super heated battle of wills that began decades ago, and has now come to a head with the entanglements of an attack on two oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, and the unmanned US drone that was struck down by Iranian forces — the reality of brewing warfare between two nations that have historically weathered volatile relations — fills the victimized with unbearable dread.

We are doomed. There’s really no way around it. We are fucked.

There’s no reasonable explanation for our current status, other than the fact that White supremacy has always been permitted to dictate the way other races thrive during unfathomable circumstances that are beyond our control.

How else can we reconcile how something like Trump, with his abhorrent mannerisms, thuggish mentality and notable displays of treason both at home and abroad, can still legally reside in a residence that should’ve handed him his eviction notice almost as soon as he moved in.

Aside from his inability to successfully embody the once-honorable position of Commander-in-Chief, with the astuteness that wouldn’t tolerate the damning vacancies of key positions in his toxic administration, there’s also the undisciplined nature of operations, that produces the uncanny recklessness of a supposed world leader, who manages a Twitter account that inexplicably hosts the messaging that will be assigned as Exhibit A of what catapulted events that led to the end of the world.

These tweets capture the mindset of an out-of-control freak, who uses foul language while engaging in situations that should be thoroughly and delicately sorted out behind closed doors, and in the company of experts who are well-suited for these highly-sensitive affairs, that are combative in nature, but also productive when you have the scholarly, diplomatic and prophetic attributes of well-equipped visionaries.

America is dying, and I don’t mean the hopes and dreams that have been snuffed out by the greediness of Wall Street, and the deceptiveness of a bustling economy that continues to hide the data that shows how regular workers are being denied full-time pay with benefits.

America is dying from the disease of Whiteness.

White people in charge of our lives. White people making poor decisions with dire consequences that won’t touch the corridors of privilege and familial trust funds, that need to be reevaluated for the sake of reparations, and how you don’t have to be a bloody American to comprehend how and why those who were slaughtered for all eternity— need to be PAID BACK IN FULL.

Whiteness gave us Donald Trump and Whiteness is keeping him where is, despite the insurmountable evidence of his criminal activities that began back when he joined his father’s business, and participated in the regulatory demands to keep Black people far and away from properties that bore that dastardly name.

None of the institutions that were setup for to avoid harrowing moments like the ones we are presently facing, are willing or able to override the directives that are arming Donald Trump with the audacity to do everything in his power to bring this formerly functioning nation to its crippled knees.

How much more shit can we stomach before we take this national emergency seriously enough to be frightened beyond comprehension?

The United States is no longer “united” and Republicans and Democrats have pretty much relinquished their job duties. Presidential hopefuls are spending quality time sparring against each other, while being pathetically tossed around and churned to bits by the chaos of social media platforms.

And at the epicenter of the fieriness of nationalized disarray are the White males who decide whether we live or die.

I think we can all agree that they’ve already made that choice.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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