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Faces of Hate

Why Are We Ignoring The Botched Terrorist Attempt on a Muslim Community in Upstate NY?

The town of Islamberg, NY was targeted

Why isn’t the media keeping close track of the failed terrorist attempt by four White male terrorists, who targeted a well-known Muslim community in upstate New York?

It’s quite apparent that Trump has succeeded in commandeering the news cycle by making his unrelenting quest for “the wall” the focal point of round the clock reporting. Reporters are forced to neglect more urgent items, like the fact that young White males are actually the ones we should be fearful of because of the immense risk they pose to non-Whites.

The subject of the wall, and the coerced narrative that is supplied by an administration that was sold on the idea of caging and gassing mothers and children at the border, has taken on a very sinister aura under the tutelage of a White supremacist who is using his presidency as the verified activation of White nationalism.

Trump began his presidential campaign with insidious motives that enhanced the hate-filled messaging of how Mexicans, migrants and Muslims, can’t ever fit the model of authentic Americans, because of how they possess characteristics that can’t be channeled towards #MAGA.

The triumphant rally cry was instituted to get back to the basics of reverting America back to White, after 8 years of enduring the unbearable presence of the Black president with a Muslim name, who bamboozled his way to the presidency with the lie of his citizenship.

The birther conspiracy set things off, and by the time Trump was sworn into office, his objectives were aligned with the mission statement of heightening the exercise of demonizing ethnic groups, that are typically targeted based on misleading stereotypes that should never be given the opportunity to blow up into potentially disastrous situations for the wrongfully accused.

But that’s exactly what has transpired since the toxicity of this administration began to spread like a deadly virus, as border agents are instructed to brutally separate migrant babies from their parents, and if that doesn’t work— spraying them with an infectious agent might just do the trick.

The “campaign of hate” that ushered in the White president and his cabinet of evildoers, has systematically exacted irrevocable harm in the realm of hate crimes, and how the alarming rise of White terrorists — terrorizing communities that fall into the categories that have been outlined by their supreme master — has shifted into a full-blown national emergency.

Trump has succeeded in encouraging the murderous wiles of White men, who are ready and willing to knife Black people in broad daylight with the excuse of their mental deficiency. His determination to create a deeper divide between White America and all those who don’t apply is the reason why White male terrorists can massacre a Jewish synagogue, and ruthlessly shoot dead two Black shoppers at a local supermarket — all in the same week.

Truth be told, the media does its best to keep up with all the non-stop breaking news.

But while there was extensive coverage of the bomb packages that were sent to high-profile individuals and a singled-out news organization — CNN’s New York bureau — as well as the horrific massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue — there was hardly any mention of the two African-American victims of a hate crime that occurred in the same time period.

That glaring omission and eventual brief notation was offensive when you consider that these two individuals were gunned down in cold blood by a White male who as witnesses verified, allowed a panicked elderly White man to race inside the blood-drenched store to fetch his wife, simply because he luckily didn’t fit the description of potential Black targets due to his Whiteness.

We can also allot this perplexingly dismissive method of reportage to the state-of-affairs of the Muslim-American community, and how they’ve been harboring a nightmarish existence ever since the horrors of 9/11 cemented their unprovoked punishment as seasoned terrorists without the benefit of the doubt.

Once the Muslim ban was unleashed with the mandate that travelers from six countries that made the list — Iran, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Syria wouldn’t be granted entry into the States, there was an exacerbation of the celebrated prejudice that those who practice Islam have been forced to bear — as penance for the ill-conceived actions of militant cells who brutally weaponize a religion for the thrill of absolute power.

When the protests and global outrage picked up steam, Trump resorted to his ill-tempered tactics that sometimes requires sharing the proof that’s meant to appeal to the bigotry of his woefully ignorant base, while polluting the vision of those who see through his blatant bullshit.

There was a time when the president of the United States of America, willfully retweeted a slew of anti-Muslim propaganda videos from the account of the nefarious leader of a well-known British-based far-right group — known as Britain First.

It turned out that the damning content was fake, but that revelation didn’t downgrade the dire consequences that result from the Commander-in-Chief’s gross negligence when it comes to purposely initiating the preferred narrative of White nationalists, who are hell bent on giving Muslim-Americans a very bad name with the possibility of their lives hanging in the balance.

It has been proven that Americans are instinctively wary of Muslims in their midst, and this consequential reception to a community that continues to be ravaged by the frightful activities of cowardly thugs, who claim to practice the same religion, is a heartbreaking reality for the victimized, and those of us who are familiar with the truth.

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, it was nearly impossible not to break bread with Muslims when you consider they comprise more than half of the population. Every morning was greeted with the gorgeous renderings of the Call to Prayer, and I remember calmly laying in bed as a child, as I unknowingly meditated to the stirring chant of faith.

When boarding school became my home base, I recall watching my fellow boarders prostrating with elegant submission in the private corner of dorm rooms, and the dance of adherence to the One that feeds their soul made me wish that I could be invited.

Nothing about my exposure to Islam in the early years resembles the grotesquely vile depictions that have crippled the Northern region of Nigeria for almost a decade, under the duress of Boko Haram, the same militant group that kidnapped the Nigerian school girls from their dormitories back in April 2014.

And this embattled region continues to suffer the extremes of extremists, who are certainly not fighting the good fight in the name of Allah. It’s a fucked up game that’s executed to conquer and destabilize helpless natives, who don’t have the safety net of the federal government to shield them from endless bomb blasts and assigned suicide missions.

Unfortunately, the rulebook of White nationalists, dictates the compulsoriness of holding all Muslims accountable for the heinous crimes of “bootleg Muslims” who don’t represent what they misguidedly profess.

Media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, who happens to be a board member of Fox Corporation, once tweeted this gem in 2015, right after the terrorist attack in France:

“Maybe most [Muslims are] peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.”

Interesting how the questionable actions of White individuals who target communities that have been systemically oppressed based on ethnicity, lifestyle and religion, don’t seem to torment the lives of those who share their racial makeup. It’s understood that White folks aren’t a monolith, and can’t be held responsible for the dangerous mindset of one of their own.

For some reason, this reasonable line of thinking isn’t transferable to the Muslim-American communities that are enduring the torture of being scrutinized for their beliefs, based on the general consensus that has been elevated since Trump’s America became their punishment.

Before the activation of this bullish administration, Islamophobic attacks across the nation, were quite consistent, even if the media chose to focus elsewhere with the assumption that empathy from viewers would be considerably low.

There have been approximately 600-anti-Muslim incidents in America that have transpired between 2012 and the present.

Check this out:

The Dearborn mosque bombing plot in 2011, featured a White male terrorist and war vet, Roger Stockham, who left is hometown of Imperial Beach, CA, with the intent to blow up the Islamic Center of America, situated in Dearborn, MI, which happens to boast a pretty sizable population of Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans.

The 2016 Garden City bombing plot featured three White male terrorists, that targeted a housing complex located in an area with a heavy presence of Somali-Americans; as well as the community mosque. The plan was to make that area disappear with a heavy dose of explosives.

The Portland Train attack in 2017 featured a White male terrorist, Jeremy Joseph Christian, who also identified himself as a “White nationalist.” He turned the MAX light rail train into a bloody crime scene when his threatening ant-Muslim rant that was directed at two frightened teenage girls, was interrupted by two strangers who ended up paying for that intervention with their lives. A third rider who also tried to diffuse the situation was seriously injured.

The bombing of the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in 2017, featured three White male terrorists, who detonated explosives that were deposited near the mosque. The damage was extensive, but thankfully there were no casualties. President Trump and his henchmen didn’t address the terrorist attack that destroyed a place of worship for the faithful Muslims in that neighborhood.

One of the terrorists explained that his motivation for the bomb attack was to “scare Muslims out of the United States because they push their beliefs on everyone else.”

President Trump’s persistent ramblings of how Muslims are inherently armed to kill and shouldn’t be allowed entry into the U.S. while those who are already here should be subjected to the criminal acts of terrorism, that won’t be treated as such by his administration because of the face of the victims — is costing lives now more than ever.

The recent bomb plot that targeted the historically Islamic community, Islamberg, which is located near the city of Binghamton, NY hasn’t gotten the level of attention from the media that it warrants, when you consider the backstory of a community that area neighbors have described as “peaceful.”

Due to the heavy influx of Muslims to the region that began in the 1980s, Islamberg now shelters up to 200 residents, and this has elicited the traitorous interests of conservative media personalities. Folks like Infowars founder, Alex Jones, expertly mimic Trump’s alarmist rhetoric by offloading conspiracy theories about a settlement of Muslim-Americans, that aim to present the falsehood of a large community of Islamist militants who are waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

These deceptive tactics are working too well, and this has left the inhabitants of Islamberg wide open to random acts of terrorism as was evident in 2017, when a White male terrorist from Tennessee, a then sixty-three-year-old Robert Doggart, was convicted of planning to bomb the community’s mosque and school.

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And now this recent bomb plot in January 2019, that was meant to graze an entire area that’s populated by Muslim-American families, was thankfully thwarted by police officers from nearby Greece, NY. — who arrested three White men and a White youth who is sixteen, and who if he were Black, would be described as Black man— is just another major indicator of how Trump’s demonization of Muslims both at home and abroad is putting innocent lives at stake.

The media has to resist the seductiveness of the president’s mind-boggling incoherency, and make the effort to highlight and examine the growing crisis of hate crimes against the very population that he mercilessly targets without justification.

Trump has succeeded in dominating the newsfeed to his advantage and to the disadvantage of those who are rendered helpless when the so-called “leader of the free world” misuses his power by weaponizing it for the purpose of upholding the statute of White supremacy, and at the expense of non-White Americans, who don’t embrace the biblical treats of devilish evangelicals.

It’s abhorrently negligent of the media-at-large to turn a blind eye at the bone-chilling real life story of four White male terrorists who descended on the town of Islamberg, with the intent to bomb out families, who committed the grave scene of practicing Islam in a country that’s currently run by a treacherous government, that indulges in crimes against humanity.

We have to do better by the citizens of this country, and if the freedom of the press still stands — then in the name of Allah, let’s use it.

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