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Why Are We Allowing A Black Woman To Be Persecuted After Physical Assault By Police?

Chikesia Clemons has been found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest

There is so much to be aghast about as a Black woman in America, and while I’m completely resigned to the truth of how I basically sound like a broken record — that probably needs to come to a screeching halt for all of our sakes — I remain unapologetic in my stance to call the shit as I see it — decorum be damned.

Why should I care about how my words dull the senses after pilings of essays that basically say the exact same thing — when lives are at stake?

Black lives.

Black children being flogged out of their classrooms by robocops. Black men being systemically eradicated with gunshots and first class tickets to the slammer for minor offenses. Black women being violently manhandled by asshole White cops who would never dream of laying a finger on White women in a similar fashion even when they have cause.

This brings me to the mysterious case of Chikesia Clemons — the twenty-five year-old Black girl who became famous for reasons that aren’t palatable for those who actively seek the spotlight. I’m sure you’re stunned at how young she is — and that’s likely due to how it’s assumed that Black people who are murdered by law enforcement or miraculously survive brutal assaults — naturally asked for it.

The graphic videos that showcase the ugliness that consumes Black lives, as we are consistently haunted like wild animals and treated with utter disdain by thugs in uniform who are paid to maim or kill us — is always a viral affair — as gawkers in real time capture the devastatingly raw footage of White men tackling a young Black woman to the ground — as if they’re damning actions would ever lead to a successful intervention.

How can you treat a human being like the deadliest catch — for the benefit of a White captive audience — and expect her to yield to such abhorrent demands?

Clemons is a victim who has been abandoned by movements like the #MeToo initiative, that swears allegiance to the motto that is dedicated to protecting those who’ve experienced the humiliation and isolation, stemming from unprovoked physical altercations that render them incapacitated.

There’s also the American tradition of persecution that holds Black women under siege as we try to battle the disproportionate level of injustice that’s served to us — even when we’re unarmed and don’t pose a threat to our persecutors.

It’s acceptable to watch a Black woman battling life-threatening situations, that are aimed to demean our already waning status without feeling an ounce of empathy — especially when your reality as a privileged White woman safely removes you from the dire prognosis, that currently disables the worth of darker counterparts.

Social media may have parted the curtains of truth for those who doubted the hostility Black America entertains on a daily basis, but the downside is delivered in the normalcy of White supremacy and how these wretched horror shows are doing more harm than good.

How do you think it feels as a Black woman to watch my worst nightmare unfolding before my very eyes with the magic of a single click?

How do you think it makes me feel when I watch Diamond Reynolds struggle to maintain her sanity as she sits beside her dead boyfriend, with her toddler daughter in the backseat, as the cop who shot into the car — still brandishes his weapon in their faces? How much do you think it hurt — to read shitty comments from Black men who mocked Reynolds for her grace under fire — instead of hailing her as the heroine of a shockingly frightening episode of a bloody massacre?

How do you think I felt when I had to repeatedly watch a young Black woman get shuffled to the ground before being overpowered by grown men who disgustingly violated her womanhood by roughing her up to the point of nakedness?

Chikesia Clemons was subjected to the very worst law enforcement has to offer — and right after the horrifying incident — it was reported that charges were pending against her.

Once the terrifying contents of the video became public with the expected skyrocketing views of a thirsty audiences, Rev. Al Sharpton banded together with other civil right leaders to secure the defense team for Clemons, and that helped to rally a months-long protest.

During this period of demonstration on behalf of a young woman who did nothing to warrant the gross mistreatment she suffered at the hands of the law — more than 50,000 signatures were generated, as part of a petition that sought to convince the judge to drop the baseless charges of “disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.”

The only thing that Chikesia Clemons was resisting was the tyranny of police brutality and how she frustratingly became another tragic example of what it means to be a Black woman in Trump’s America.

Judge Mark Erwin was evidently not moved by the gut-wrenching footage that depicts the escalating fear of a young Black woman who was trying in vain to save herself from the blows, kicks, and unnecessary roughness that was leveled on her — in full view of those who were unmotivated to intervene or even voice their dismay at the sight of such overt brutality.

So, we are now allowing a Black woman who is a victim of abuse by the police — to be persecuted for offenses that she absolutely didn’t commit.

Imagine that a White woman named Sarah Sanders is captured on film — fighting for her life — as a gang of Black men in uniform pounce on her with reckless ferociousness.

That image is uncomfortable isn’t it? Almost revolting.

In fact you probably can’t conjure up the visuals because it’s an abomination to consider the celebrated fragility of Whiteness being buried under the attack of callous Black cops — who feel entitled to carry out injustice without shame or consequences.

Yet we have no issue depositing ourselves in front row seats with high definition screens as we surrender to America’s favorite past time of watching the violent antics of White policemen — who are either called to harass Black people or are actually performing the very tasks that should get them thrown in jail.

We are fully immersed in shady territory as we internalize the fact that Black women are now engaged in a war against White adult males — that have taken it upon themselves to exact crime and punishment for the sheer fuck of it. They use their badges to weaponize our templates and ordinary citizens use other forms of weaponry to kill us off.

Nia Wilson and her sister were terrorized by a White man who used his knife to slit their throats. Nia succumbed to her wounds while her older sister barely survived the massacre — and while the investigation is still activated — there’s the obstinate stance by law enforcement and the media to not label the tragedy as a hate crime.

This more than exacerbates an already heightened issue that is undoubtedly a national crisis as Black women in America are once again faced with the dismal warning about how very little we matter in a country — that considers White women who scam New York’s high society or the common sense of American citizens — celebrated heroines.

We aren’t seen as vulnerable or delicate enough to amass the kind of ceremonious swaddling that is almost always doused on White feminists who stand out and up for their own community, while conveniently blinding their vision from the gross injustice that pummels those they flat out refuse to recognize as allies.

The very notion that the judge found Clemons guilty of the outrageously vile charges against her — and also instructed her to pay $400 in fines as settlement for her superhuman ability to survive the epic beatdown she received is simply criminal.

As a Black woman with a dire forecast ahead — I have no patience for this normalized method of discipline that can be lawfully exacted on my disposition — even after enduring the stampede of the White mafia — posing as agents of law and order.

Chikesia Clemons has to be vindicated — come hell or high water.

Now is the time for war against the machines of power that are trying to stifle the uprising.

We stay armed and ready.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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