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Why Are Black Women Forced To Fight For Their Lives?

Is it entertaining to see us suffer?

Seriously, why are Black women treated with such disdain by those who relish the notion of our discomfort and shaming in public spaces?

We’ve all seen enough viral shit to comprehend how Black women are constantly provoked and violently handled by law enforcement and White harassers.

Thugs in uniform never pass up a chance to pull us over, and then proceed to provoke our patience with accusations and comments that are supposed to reduce our ability to implement our rights as law-abiding citizens.

When that doesn’t work, the legendary fragile egos of White males overtakes the cowards with badges as they refuse to be verbally overpowered by strong women with Blackness to boot.

We saw it with Sandra Bland as she battled to retain her dignity by presenting the facts — and not relenting to the obvious and unnecessary prodding by a White traffic cop— who had already decided her fate before he even approached her vehicle.

Almost four years later, we’re left with the emptiness of a vibrant young woman who did absolutely nothing to warrant the unfathomable abuse — that was captured on film — and led to her demise in a cold hard cell — hours after she was brutally carted away over a simple traffic violation.

The excuse that’s provided to downplay the crisis of unarmed Black women being subjected to acts of violence in broad daylight — is the ever-trusting “angry Black woman” syndrome — that is meant to empower and validate the graphic nature of the crimes that threaten our lives.

If only we could learn to shut the fuck up and not run our mouths as if we know what the fuck we’re asking for and how we will surely get it and then some.

White women are the absolute worst when it comes to lending allyship and proving how White feminism isn’t just reserved for the privilege that never fails to pretty up White tears and White victimhood.

Women with massive platforms like disgraced bigot Megyn Kelly, prefer to shame and blame Black women for consistently asking for the trouble that ends their lives accordingly.

Year-old women organizations like #MeToo and Time’s Up, that were meant to service the needs of ALL women — have been conveniently hijacked by the women that matter the most.

White A-listers are currently filming the highly-anticipated blockbuster based on the scandalous reign of the late Roger Ailes, who allegedly converted Fox News into an over-priced brothel.

The narrative is now centered around the healing cycle of White victims. White pain holds more value and garners the level of empathy that Black and Brown counterparts can’t ever compete with or hope to amass.

That explains why twenty-five-year-old Chikesia Clemons didn’t inspire an ounce of rage or mandated support from these so-called initiatives, after her violent beat down at a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama in the summer of 2018.

The vomit-inducing footage featured a young Black woman desperately fighting for her life, as she’s brutishly assaulted by adult White males, who are determined to wrestle her to the ground with her private parts exposed to the riveted gawkers and hovering mobile devices.

We sure know how to film the shitty shit with astute adherence to shares and posts that will hopefully elevate our lowly status to “verified.”

But we can’t bring ourselves to intervene on behalf of human decency — and the reassurance that we won’t allow thuggish White males the free will to physically harm and terrorize an unarmed Black girl — whose only sin was the argument over cutlery and menus.

When Diamond Reynolds managed to stoically capture the bloody murder of her boyfriend Philando Castile — who was shot dead in his car with his seat belt fastened and a frightened toddler quietly peering from the back seat — the uploaded content elicited mixed reviews.

The heroic efforts of the young Black mother who needed the world to observe her world crashing down in real time, was publicly shamed on social media platforms by Black men . They mocked Reynolds for being “too composed” and stupidly referring to the murderous White cop as “sir” when he had just killed her man.

This is the shit Black women have to put up with from the men that were born to protect and honor us with body and soul.

No Black celebrity or politician dared to reach out to Diamond Reynolds and her baby girl in an effort to highlight their uncanny decorum while sequestered in a pressurized situation. There was no coddling from Oprah or shout out from Michelle Obama or an invite to talk shows or late night fests or even a scholarship for the toddler’s college expenses.

There was no ceremony to symbolize the trials and tribulations that this Black woman survived with her Black child.

We can’t even create the make-believe setup with a White mother and her blonde-haired daughter — being stuck in a gun-riddled vehicle with the dying moans of the White man in the driver’s seat — and the badged culprit still pointing the gun at the terrorized survivors.

2018 ended with the heartbreaking incident at a welfare office in Brooklyn, NY where a young Black mother and her baby boy were violently separated by rogue cops — who were summoned by irritated security guards in urgent need of backup.

Anyone who calls the cops on Black people already knows the shit that’s about to go down. They know that cops (Black or White) are ready for war and don’t care about the unarmed and potentially innocent citizens they’re gearing up to assault.

Jazmine Headley and her precious baby didn’t deserve to be battered and bruised like criminals that were finally caught after being on the run.

How is it remotely possible or legally acceptable for police officers to brutally attack a mother and child based on information that doesn’t warrant such extreme measures?

The maddening incident ended in hysterics for the poor baby that was callously forced away from his mother by monsters.

Those security guards saw a Black woman who was down on her luck, and obviously in a space where she was hoping to get the “handouts” — that would keep her child alive. Instead of offering assistance, they decided to punish her by weaponizing her poverty with the aid of cops who lived up to the deadly expectations upon arrival.

Just like her unfortunate predecessor — Chikesia Clemons — Jazmine Headley was inexplicably charged for offenses she didn’t commit. She was also transferred to Rikers Island and was later released after the uproar on social media demanded swift justice.

Her traumatizing encounter with law enforcement is particularly disturbing when you consider that it was her Blackness that allowed her and her baby boy to be vulnerable to the exploitation of systemized battery.

And now we’re bequeathed another viral sensation that features a Black woman honoring the rite of passage that many, including myself, have indulged in for the modest paycheck that will help fund unrealized dreams.

Yasmine James was dutifully manning the register at the local McDonalds in St. Petersburg, Florida, when a forty-year-old White male approaches her and begins to cause drama over plastic straws.

Suddenly we see the White terrorist reach over the counter and throw punches at the young Black woman who starts fighting back.

As Yasmine fiercely and bravely defends herself, her male coworkers head over and try to pry her away from the deranged maniac.

What happens next is the proof of how Black women are always expected to fight for their lives without the reliable aid of male defenders.

The store manager quickly tries to diffuse the situation while the battered and bruised victim is led away to safety.

We later learn that she sustained injuries, but due to her lack of health insurance, she has to ice her swollen bruises. Her attacker left the scene of his crime and was later charged with “simple battery.”

Yasmine James is on leave as she recovers from her harrowing ordeal, and as she weighs her options for legal representation — we are left to wonder why the men around her didn’t step up to the duty of royally kicking the ass of the White brute who physically assaulted an employee.

Why was this young Black woman abandoned by those who were built to valiantly rescue her from the brutality that she fought hard to escape?

Why didn’t these cowards immediately descend on this White terrorist and knock him to the ground with enough force to almost knock him out?

Why didn’t they hold him there until the arrival of cops, who would cuff him and drag him out like a wild animal?

Why is it acceptable for an innocent Black woman to be brutalized by a White thug who is then given the humane treatment afterwards despite his criminal actions?

When will Black women enjoy the respectable and lifesaving reception that their White counterparts readily garner, based on Whiteness and the privilege of their worth that dictates the heroism of the men who witness their duress?

It’s absolutely appalling and tragically sad that Yasmine James was betrayed by her male coworkers who did the bare minimum and failed in the responsibilities of their manhood.

The femininity of Black women has been distorted by the falsehood of how our aggressiveness disqualifies us from the honor of being handled with care.

We’ve been societally stigmatized and traumatized and the viral videos only help to keep us imprisoned in the dangerous narrative that has fighting for lives — as designated lone warriors on the edge.

It may be entertaining to watch us suffer on high-pixel screens that deliver award-winning images — but as a Black woman who is constantly on alert — this frightening existence is a hellish reality.

So please don’t enter our world, unless you intend to fix it.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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