A woman in disbelief after mass shooting in El Paso, TX

Why America Is The Sinking Shithole Of President Trump’s Dreams

America is a shithole. Donald Trump believes that term applies to the hopeless, desolate wastelands that harbor Black and Brown citizens, who are living in squalor and accommodating inhumane conditions that White bodies are blessedly spared thanks to the God who loves them more, but that’s an inaccurate assumption.

A shithole, is actually a place that rejects the worthiness of babies in favor of the legal weaponry that’s used to blast their tiny bodies to pieces. A shithole is a special kind of hell that hosts the soulless orchestrators, who guiltlessly allow classrooms housing precious young lives to be blasted to smithereens, as the punishment for owning the birthright to a mandated demise on behalf of an organization that pays a lot of money to keep the blood flowing.

When Sandy Hook happened in 2012, we thought the blasphemous act of parents burying the bullet-riddled bodies of the ones they vowed to protect with their very own lives, would be the wakeup call that finally proves the humanness that carries over into the Americanness, that gives permission for the salute to the flag and firmly planted feet with hands to the heart for the anthem.

But almost a decade later, here we are, dealing with an even bigger catastrophe that’s exacerbated by the Terrorizer-in-Chief, who just a couple of days before the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, decided to retweet the offensive content from Katie Hopkins, an English “media personality,” who like the president, indulges in the gross act of using her twitter account as the scrapbook of White nationalism.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has retweeted nauseatingly vile content from third parties that echo the hateful rhetoric that got him elected. Katie Hopkins is definitely a favorite of his, and so are the plethora of far-right conspiracy groups both at home and abroad, who post doctored videos that aim to demonize migrants and enhance the narrative that celebrates anti-immigration.

According to a detailed article in the publication — Media Matters For America:

The FBI in a recent document listed “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists” associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory as a “domestic terror threat.” Supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory have already been linked to multiple threats, attempted acts of violence, and even murders.

On Twitter, President Donald Trump has amplified supporters of the conspiracy theory more than 20 times. Trump has also met with multiple supporters of the conspiracy theory at the White House, and a supporter of the conspiracy theory is co-chair of a coalition group for his reelection campaign.

Imagine that the President of the United States of America has joined the growing trend that White supremacists are adopting as the reliable method of communicating their threatening stance against those that are vulnerable to the real and present danger of hate crimes via domestic terrorism.

Imagine that the White House serves as the official meeting ground for those who pledge allegiance to an entity that has been identified by the FBI as a “domestic terror threat,” and that a co-chair of “of a coalition group for his reelection campaign” is also a supporter of the belief system that’s laid out by QAnon.

Is it any wonder that Trump has repeatedly expressed his utter disdain for his own intelligence community, and even took his irritation steps further by displaying an overt act of treason in Helsinki, last summer, when he astonished the world by kissing the ring of Vladimir Putin while giving the middle finger to the agency that’s recruited to keep his own country secure from direct threats to our democracy.

But Trump’s roots of hate and division began long before he took the oath of office.

From his younger days as the bus boy attached to his father’s real estate empire, that mandated the absence of “the Blacks” from leasing offices, to the grown up toddler, who wickedly took out a full page ad, calling for the death penalty for the five boys of color who were innocent victims of systemic failure. The failed New York businessman was the popular asshole who possessed enough wealth and power to be tolerable to those who could afford his presence.

Once the architect of our nationalized nightmare, Steve Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart News, the far-right publication that conservatives regard as their bible, got his filthy paws on Donald Trump and began the planting process for the birther controversy — it predictably led to the candidacy that was able to unapologetically initiate the anti-immigration jargon that had to be normalized at KKK-themed rallies in order to take effect.

The video above captures the practiced rhetoric that accompanied the bold declaration of Mexicans as “rapists,” “murderers,” and “drug dealers.”

If you pay close attention, you will hear the demonizing of immigrants as “criminal aliens,” who are “infecting” the sanctity of White America with their brutish ways, and therefore have to be carted back from whence they came.

That familiar verse from the book of White nationalism was reenacted by Trump when he strategically called out four women of color, who are members of Congress and also American citizens, by ordering them to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

The ideology of White nationalism is embedded in the ownership of how White people are the true Americans, while Black and Brown citizens with foreign-sounding names are part of a sub-culture that deserves to be systemically oppressed by a judicial system that was wired against them. And if this isn’t acceptable, the sufferers can return back to their hell holes instead of calling out the injustice.

Of course Congresswoman Ilhan Omar bore the brunt of the attacks from conservative media, the GOP and the Thug-in-Chief, based on her prime status as a Black Muslim-American woman, who was born in war-ravaged Somalia, and arrived in America as a refugee, who managed to defy the odds in the name of securing the very definition of the American Dream.

Omar’s history-making feat was an affront to an administration that abides by the code of White supremacy, and so it was no surprise that she became the target of a schematic schedule that was geared towards her disgraceful downfall.

But the worst of all has to be the disgustingly grotesque 9/11 video that President Trump shared on twitter as the authoritative response to the baseless accusations, that were meant to prove how Ilhan Omar’s objectives are aligned with the Islamic militants who brought a great nation to its knees.

Those actions by a sitting president of a country that used to be hailed as the “world police,” should’ve forced the swift shut down of his twitter account based on the fact that he blatantly abused the rules and policies that are in place for the betterment of users who shouldn’t be subjected to online harassment.

But despite repeatedly crossing the boundaries of reason and committing atrocities that would ordinarily disable the accounts of those who replicate those misdeeds, CEO Jack Dorsey is unwilling to adequately patrol the platform that’s being infected by the poison of an uncontrollable renegade, who utilizes it as the missile that’s permanently aimed at the vulnerable.

Days after depositing the abusive tweet about Omar that shamelessly capitalized on the terrifying events of 9/11, Trump was informed of how his actions had incited death threats against his pummeled victim, and when asked if he felt any remorse, the president defiantly stood his ground by refusing to offer any empathy for how his words were causing harm to the Congresswoman and her family.

And that pretty much sums up why America is the sinking shithole of Donald Trump’s dreams.

Trump doesn’t give a damn about America or Americans. In fact he doesn’t care at all about his ignorant supporters, who are pitifully entrusting their lives to a pampered waste of space, who can’t even deliver a heartfelt speech to a grieving nation without adding more pain with errors that highlight the wrong fucking town!

Remember the Parkland shooting massacre, and how the survivors and their families, including the bereaved parents from the Sandy Hook tragedy, all congregated at the White House to meet with the president in an effort to inspire legislative gun laws that would prevent another national emergency?

The boredom and irritation on Trump’s face was hard to miss, as he reluctantly sat through the tear-filled session and inexplicably used that opportunity to tout the relevance of the NRA while making empty promises to his stunned crowd of wounded Americans, who must’ve realized why their time was wasted.

Trump’s inability to feel any ounce of pity or humility is his greatest asset because it provides the laser focus on his nefarious agenda that can’t be thwarted by the senseless violence, that he’s helping to propel with his unrevised rulebook that contains the buzzwords that excite the murderous wiles of White males, who curate detailed manifestos as a tribute to their White supremacist leader.

Once the word spread about the unfathomable occurrence that took place in two American cities, the nation abruptly came to a halt as we internalized the horrors unfolding before our eyes, while Trump was relaxing at his expansive and opulent golf club in Bedminster, NJ.

It took the so-called “Commander-in-Chief” almost two hours to issue a statement that confirmed that he was aware of the terror gripping the nation that he professes to love way more than four Congresswomen of color who relentlessly call out his shit.

And then right after his brief acknowledgement, the president decided to seize that opportunity to highlight the extra curricular activities of a #MAGA supporter and MMA fighter, who needed to be spotlighted because of his loyalty to a leader who puts White America first, at the expense of the dying and dead victims who were gunned down because of their proximity to the border and how their existence threatens the survivability of White supremacy.

And since the president feared that the shooting massacres could possibly distract from his award-winning record of reinstating a booming economy, he decided to remind weary Americans, who were still reeling from the the number of dead and injured, about the impressive stats that are uplifting the African-American community; in case they missed that breaking news.

At present, the death toll of the mass shooting at the Walmart in El Paso, TX has been updated to twenty-one with dozens more fighting for their lives. The death count for the shooting that took place early Sunday morning at an entertainment district in Dayton, OH, is still nine, with twenty-seven injured.

The perpetrators were both White males in their early twenties, armed with high-powered rifles that were able to do severe damage in record time.

The dialogue around updating archaic gun laws has produced zero results and after listening to the president’s pathetic address to the nation on Monday morning, there’s no indication that promising days are ahead.

The statistics that verify the astounding numbers of those who have died from the epidemic of mass shootings in 2019 is sobering. And when you factor in the rapid rise of incidences of hate crimes that began around 2016, and how almost all of these “extremist homicides were carried out by the far right,” that’s when you realize why Trump is incapable of distancing the voters that awarded him the highest office of the land.

The Exterminator-in-Chief is committed to fulfilling his objectives and the untimely and violent deaths of Black and Brown and even White folks won’t deter his devilish mission.

That explains why hours before his abhorrent news conference, the ominous tweet that implicates the media as a vital part of our ongoing war with domestic terrorism, was cowardly planted as the reminder of why the press is the “enemy of the people,” because of how reporters track the seasoned ineptness of the worst president in modern history.

If the media really wields that much power, then why are daily press briefings almost extinct?

Why hasn’t the newly-minted press secretary made her formal introduction since the announcement of her takeover from Sarah Sanders? Why has the president commandeered the narrative and reduced the press corps to badged puppets, who are forced to note taking while the Liar-in-Chief weaponizes his position on the White House Lawn?

Trump is now overseeing his shithole country, which means that in the weeks to come, domestic terrorism will no longer be the active emergency. He took care of that with the ridiculous list of recycled proposals, that include combating mental health and violent video games.

Both those issues will never be solved because of the long-ranging items that are attached and how they serve as the deflection from the real threat to our lives.

Donald Trump is that threat.

He is a White supremacist who is being enabled by his cabinet of co- conspirators and the complicity of super-powered tech CEOs, who vehemently refuse to shut down the accounts that the president uses to mercilessly terrorize the designated enemies of the state, who patriotically speak up and against a ruthless authoritarian, who has never hidden his bigotry, and certainly won’t start now to humbly conduct his affairs with the dignity that his station demands.

America is a shithole because of the fateful election that burdened us with a White male who is the mascot of other White males with guns, who are prepared to carry out the objectives of a shared religion, that is only going to become more robust and lethal under the guidance of the GOP and the supreme leader who bows at the feet of the NRA with the gleefulness of the bloodshed that hasn’t even begun to overflow.

In Trump’s America, the sinking shithole will bury all of us, and those are the wishes of an egomaniacal man-baby, who is White enough to make that nightmare come true.

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