Why a Second “Roseanne” Reboot Isn’t A Good Idea For ABC or The Country

It’s unfathomable that ABC is currently considering a second reboot of the canceled show that was instituted even after its star — Roseanne Barr was blatantly living her best life as a proud bigot — who considers Donald Trump — a hero.

Literally days after the comedian with the filthy loud mouth issued a half-assed apology after a highly disrespectful tweet that distastefully compared Valerie Jarret — one of the rock stars of the Obama administration — to an ape garnered shock and anger from users — there has been a misguided attempt by the network to swiftly strategize on behalf of the now unemployed cast and crew.

According to information leaking to various outlets — ABC executives are taking desperate measures to figure out an appropriate way to re-brand the once highly-rated staple — and even recruited the assistance of actress Sara Gilbert — who played eldest daughter — Darlene. Gilbert is also rumored as the potential star of the project.

All hands are on deck — to ensure that the abrupt end of a money-maker doesn’t result in total loss — and of course the motivation for this ambitious quest is hidden in the valiant effort to keep the innocent victims — that were disrupted by the sudden loss of their jobs — gainfully employed through a more politically-correct medium.

It might seem like a swell idea to award victory to hardworking talents who did nothing to warrant their current woes — but as a Black woman who has had to endure the systemic demeaning and life-threatening attacks from White people — who can’t applaud their Whiteness enough times to leave us breathing space — the mere idea of another form of Roseanne — returning to ABC’s lineup — is basically adding insult to injury.

ABC already has a lot to atone for after failing to avoid the dire consequences of hiring a White woman who is too White and proud to shut the fuck up — long enough to allow the Ambien to wear off — before tweeting about Black women and primates.

The glaring signs have been visible for decades — and when the first reboot was announced months ago — there was an uproar from marginalized groups — who were not too keen on ABC’s traitorous decision to give into the hostile climate of Trump’s America — by supplying confetti in the form of televised hatred.

We thought this latest scandal was all it would take to give executives at ABC permanent cold feet when it comes to investing in vehicles that are driven by incoherent loose canons — who get off from the pleasure of garnering millions of dollars — embodying vile characters that represent their true nature.

But — the rampant rumors of a second reboot is proof that no lesson has been learned because money is the evil parasite that can’t be eradicated — especially when too much is at stake.

Regardless of how passionate we are to save the jobs of those who willingly agreed to be aligned with a show that’s spearheaded by a celebrated bigot — the fact of the matter is that ABC is still championing varied forms of hate — by considering the option of allowing the spawn of Roseanne to thrive in the midst of what was supposed to be a “teaching moment.”

Apparently nobody wants to learn shit — so here we are — accommodating the possibility that Roseanne Barr and her bank account will live on — under the guise of “salvaging jobs” — when sickening greed is the driving force behind this second attempt at fucking shit up.

Green lighting another ill-fated project is definitely not a good idea for ABC or this country for that matter.

The messaging stinks of everything that gives Trump the audacity to publicly praise the antics of White supremacists with no apology. It’s the reason why systemized racism has been normalized to the point of no return.

If ABC is dying to perform acts of heroism — why not commission undiscovered writers of color — who are writing their asses off without the trend of diversity to cling to — despite the falsehood of its sudden emergence.

Those are the voices that deserve to be heard and feted — not the worn out formula of yesteryears — that is neither progressive nor inspiring enough to warrant a second round.

Cut the shit ABC and try again.

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