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Why 2018 and Beyond Will Continue To Be #TrumpHell in Media

Thanks to excessive coverage.

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s hard to look back without gagging at the amount of energy that has been invested in President Donald J. Trump.

The last two years have been the damning evidence against the GOP, and how its members have surrendered all the qualities that are supposed to kick in when national emergencies become normalized chaos.

The obsessive coverage by organizations like CNN, New York Times, etc tends to do more harm than good, especially when the delivery is purposely meant to taunt and torture; as opposed to the journalistic endeavor of upholding the integrity of a tragically ailing institution.

As CNN obsesses over holding Trump and his minions accountable, I offer the same treatment, in a quest to fight for cohesive coverage — across the board.

That sentiment will definitely carry-over into 2019, but before we greet the new year — let’s examine the damage.

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