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Who Wore It Better, Kate or Meghan?

Answer: Kate and Meghan

The royal wedding is over and now it’s time for the assessment that will last for as long as we let it.

Meghan’s dress was too plain and lacked the “wow factor.” Kate’s dress had more “going on” — but she was marrying the heir apparent so of course she had to aim higher. But Meghan didn’t have to relinquish her sense of style to please the Queen — she could’ve chosen something more whimsical and memorable.

Kate has a better figure and it showed through the delicate outline of her lacy masterpiece so of course it gives her the edge. Meghan is also quite fit and the dress helped to accentuate her shoulders in a sensually modest way — and her tiara was a dream come true and basically heightened the whole look.

Yeah — but Kate’s second dress for the reception was way more regal. The detailing on the waist and the gorgeous plush cardigan added to the glamor. Ummm…Meghan also looked smashing in her reception outfit and we could finally see her in something that enhanced her shape.

Well — why didn’t Meghan wear that dress to the ceremony? No offense to Givenchy but like Katy Perry said — she needed “one more fitting.” Right — but it’s a formal occasion that involves the royal family — and there are protocols in place — which means that she didn’t have the ability to choose a gown without the approval of Her Majesty.

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I don’t know. I think Kate was flawless from head to tow and maybe that’s because she’s just a natural. Nah. I think Meghan looked like an upscale version of medieval bride and yeah — I get that everyone expected to be blown away with embellishments — and the heavy doses of bling — but I think Meghan wanted an understated look that wouldn’t distract from the opulent headpiece. Also — her prince was smitten — and that’s all that matters — right?

I guess. I just think that when you’re the center of attention for an event that the whole world is watching — you need to really “bring it.” I mean that’s why we’re getting up at the crack of dawn. We’re waiting for that big moment and it just didn’t happen. That’s why Kate wins this one. She wore it better.

I get it — but I admire that Meghan did it her way and went for a less traditional presentation — I mean even the service wasn’t typical of a royal wedding. I like the fact that both women have a different approach to style because it validates their individualistic tendencies and that’s the expression we’re missing a lot these days.

Yeah — okay — they both win. But I still think Kate…

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