Embattled editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour is currently weathering the storm of the ultimate switcheroo, that suddenly tosses her legendary attributes in the bin of questionable items.

There’s no smoke without fire.

It’s impossible to believe that Barbara Fedida is being victimized by an army of conspirators, who are capitalizing on this unprecedented moment in history to cruelly orchestrate the demise of her career by tarnishing her reputation with false accusations.

Beverly Johnson’s stunning 1974 Vogue cover

“[Wintour’s] statement came out of the space of white privilege”. “I want to say one thing: Dame Anna Wintour is a colonial broad, she’s a colonial dame, she comes from British, she’s part of an environment of colonialism. She is entitled and I do not think she will ever let anything get in the way of her white privilege.”

Instead of contemplating the future of Vogue, we should be eagerly plotting its demise!

Who needs Vogue?

In order to defeat the systemic racism that has caused the wasteland containing unfulfilled manifestations of countless Black talents, who didn’t stand a chance against the bigoted ideologies of white authoritative decision-makers — we have to dismantle the old order to make way for the dawn of a new day.

Let Vogue die an unremarkable death.

C’est la vie!

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