Kim is now “Kimono”

Who Is Buying The Bodies of Lies That The Kardashian Women Are Selling?

There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to Kris Jenner’s business acumen, and how more than a decade after we were assigned the task of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the world’s most notorious “momager” has succeeded in creating an empire that has an entire industry under lock and key.

Thanks to the gluttonousness of Ryan Seacrest & Co. — E! has been tragically unrecognizable ever since The K Krew took up residence, and proceeded to hijack regular scheduled programming. The once-acclaimed entertainment hub is now the 24/7 Kardashian-themed channel, that showcases scheming antics of desperation that are failing to hold the attention of wearied viewers based on the dismal ratings.

But Kim and her “sisters-in-blackness” aren’t bemoaning the poor performance of the vehicle that made them global superstars via the timely release of the infamous sex tape. They have the endless array of TV spin offs and branding deals at their disposal.

There’s no doubt that the secret to this family’s success is revolved around the mantra of not giving a damn about shit, especially when thoughtfully avoiding the recklessness of being callously inconsiderate can threaten the flow of those sought-after coins.

The main gripe that Black women have against the Kardashian dolls, is centered around the distortion of our aesthetic for profitability. The surgical procedures that produce caricatures of features that are specifically “Black” for the sake of parading around as the better versions of oppressed originators, is an unforgivable violation that the beauty and fashion authorities have cowardly endorsed and enabled.

Black children are still being kicked out of classrooms because of the sin of showing up with dreadlocks or any other plaited styles that Kim, Khloe and Kylie are lauded for by so-called beauty experts, who praise these unsightly poachers for validating the classic edginess of braided hair.

When Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the sisters, who suffered the worst form of gross negligence when her parents allowed their underage child to undergo high risk surgical procedures, that sexualized her template for the satisfaction of her older Black rapper beau, was ceremoniously announced as the “world’s youngest self-made billionaire” by Forbes magazine — most observers applauded the misleading endeavor.

In this pathetic era of “influencers,” “followers,” and the structural commerce that gives leverage to the offspring of the rich and famous, it appears that reputable brands are disgracefully cowering to the pressures of only investing in the anointed few, who have the winning numbers that validate their worthiness.

Kylie is obviously not a “self-made” anything when you consider that the genesis of her multi-million dollar business was anything but humble.

She already possessed immense clout from a decade-long reality TV show, access to a thriving trust fund, as well as the ammunition of a ruthlessly ambitious “mommie dearest,” with a rolodex full of industry contacts.

There’s also the irony of how her delectable lip plumpers are popular among Black women consumers, which was clearly a strategic move since the “youngest billionaire ever” had begun injecting her ultra-thin lips a few months months before launching her products.

The criminality of being shameless culture vultures also detours into the newly-minted movements that can’t afford to be commercialized or merchandised for the pleasure of the “stylishly woke.”

It wasn’t that long ago that the only covergirl that Vogue recognizes until whenever, Kendall Jenner, was caught in a controversial mishap, thanks to the atrocious Pepsi commercial, that tried and miserably failed to capitalize on the ongoing epidemic of police brutality while showcasing the clueless model basking in her element as the “activist” fashion icon of her generation.

Black lives need Pepsi to survive?

The intense backlash forced Kendall to retreat into White victimhood, under the bosom of White feminists, who loudly defended their representative’s proposed naivety and youthful ideals and demanded that the blame be placed solely on the “adults” who “misled” her.

The published half-assed apologies were barely dry when months later, the problematic sister duo, found themselves in another hot mess, thanks to the revolting line of “vintage” T-shirts that featured their likeness superimposed on the prolific imagery of hip-hop icons like Tupac, Biggie, etc.

Biggie’s mother wasn’t playing that shit!

Aside from the sheer audacity of the gross ass T-shirts being hawked for $125 a pop, there’s also the level of narcissistic goals that can only be attained under the tutelage of Kris Jenner’s utter disregard for mandated protocol. The unapologetic matriarch dictates ownership of anything that can be purchased for the right price — even when those gems deserve a more dignified placement.

But the worst offense has to be the blatant trickery of the Kardashian women when it comes to the surgeries they’ve endured over the years. It was all for the sake of embodying a lifestyle that permits proximity to the Black men that they devour with nefarious immediacy, and then spit out once their taste buds become sour enough to start the hunt for fresher meat.

We pretend not to be rightly appalled at the rough treatment that Lamar Odom suffered at the result of his ill-fated affair with Khloe Kardashian, which provided good enough entertainment for their TV show, but ultimately placed him in a coma that almost killed him.

Khloe bounced back from the demise of her staged marital bliss, and went on to create more fake drama with another Black male candidate for bullshit, and chosen baby daddy — Tristan Thompson.

She also underwent major enhancements to key areas of her body. The new and improved areas naturally inspired the debut of her very own TV show, aptly titled, Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, and the synopsis involves the makeover of two suckers, who are groomed by robo-trainers and over-paid stylists in order to achieve the impossible in a little under an hour.

Revenge ain’t cheap

The offensiveness of Body With Khloe has to be the selling points of how motivated contenders misguidedly view the show’s star as the ideal blueprint for what they should strive for; when in reality, their supposed vision of perfection is an exposed fraud. She literally stole her body parts, and keeps shelling out bundles of dough to sustain the shape that she absolutely didn’t earn in the expensive workout facilities that are paid to lie on her behalf.

And then we have Kim Kardashian West, the off-duty White woman who purchased her Blackness and is now weaponizing it to fulfill the desires of being able to enjoy the benefits of her glitzy Black womanhood, without the real-life trauma that’s attached to her preferred status.

We also can’t help noticing the extremely tiny, TINY waist that Mrs. West has been showing off in the crappy body conscious Yeezy-wear, and how that unhealthy display of a shaved off ribcage is dangerously touted as the summer’s “must-have” by irresponsible editors.

Waist, much?

Her latest exploits as the celebrated slayer of injustice as it pertains to the active issue of prison reform, and how this merciless opportunist who is blissfully targeting Black lives in order to serve the agenda of an upcoming TV show, is a prime demonstration of the signature moves that have fed the egomaniacal factions of the Kardashian/Jenner dynasty.

And things are only going to get worse as evidenced in the recent launch of Kim’s “branded version of Spanx,” that she incredulously named “Kimono,” without considering the ramifications of hijacking a cultural staple in the form of a Japanese garment that has been described as “a celebratory wear [that’s] passed on in families through the generations.”

There’s no end to the quest to dominate and deface esteemed institutions that shouldn’t have to be inconvenienced by the systemic wiles of a bullish pack of bulldogs, who truly believe the over-hype of their appeal because of the exacerbation of idiotic fans and the snug embrace of an ailing industry of trendsetters.

Fashion critics have played vital roles in fueling the cultural massacre by Kris Jenner and her well-trained brood of fakers.

Exhibit A:

My response:

The sting of White feminism expectedly plays out in favor of the White women who are making millions from the transparency of stealing from those who are mocked for the very thing that elevates their violators, who aren’t able to assume the role of visionaries based on the lack of pure talent and homegrown respect for the communities they victimize for monetary compensation.

For those who are buying the bodies of lies that are strutted on every active platform, like painted floating devices with hair pieces, your mindless contributions are speeding up the erosion of a landscape that was already rotting from societal dysfunction, after the invasion of the tools of our extinction.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is now the global phenomenon that can’t be thwarted, despite the deceitfulness that relies on the validity of “un-reality,” and the violation of cultures and the selfless practice of activism without the glares of positioned cameramen.

To the Kardashian/Jenner women, everything is for sale — including you.

And it’s really fucked up that y’all are buying it.


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