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Who will save him??

Who Can Save White Men From The Danger Of Being Held Accountable?

Whiteness equals bravery

There is a disturbance in the force, and not even the Knights of the Jedi Order can provide sufficient refuge from the ongoing epidemic that is threatening the stability and overall health of a nation — on the verge of a monstrous typhoon of epic proportions.

Yes, there are other issues that are considered distressing, and they’re even armed with deadlier consequences.

Take for instance the never-ending danger that follows Black people as the privilege that our White neighbors take for granted is mercilessly utilized as the weapon of choice — each time we dare to enter public spaces.

Our very lives are reduced to rubble, when we venture into the hostility of supremacy that permits our White president to emphatically champion the efforts of those who are determined to punish us for merely existing. He enjoys orchestrating the chaotic climate that makes non-Whites shiver with dread, as the anticipation of what lies ahead grips so tightly that we can barely breathe.

Yes, breathing is something we aren’t permitted to do — just ask Eric Garner.

Oops! Sorry! You can’t ask him because he’s dead. He was killed by the soldiers of death, who sport the badges of doom, and the chilly motivation for several kills of the day. They are potently aroused by the freedom to choke the life out of designated victims of oppression, and those methods would frighten the calvary at Gilead.

Black women aren’t exempt from the violence of being “Black and female,” and the brutality is quite stunning to behold, when you consider how the value of youth in this terminal society seems to only matter in the template of Whiteness.

Sandra Bland was only in her late-twenties when she was aggressively handled by a traffic cop, who would’ve been way more gracious if he had been confronted with a slightly-irritated twenty-something White girl, with the kind of attitude that gets men hot and bothered as they translate it in ways that can’t be Rated PG.

Unfortunately Black women have to contend with how being disrespected and manhandled by authority is standard fare.

If you don’t believe me — just ask Chikesia Clemons.

Luckily she survived her harrowing encounter, but the emotional scars that begin to fester at the tender age of twenty-five will last a lifetime. Can you imagine the burden of spending all those days you have left, replaying the graphic scene that involves grown ass White men, assaulting you in full view of camera phones and the gawkers who coldly examine the viral footage?

And if you think that being Black in America is a treacherous disposition — then you might be on to something.

Imagine lounging at home in the evening hours, after barely evading the entrapment of a country that’s under siege by systemic racism — only to have the misfortune of being ambushed by an off duty cop — who ends up shooting you twice in the chest before drowning in a pool of White tears.

If you don’t believe that shit — please kindly ask Botham Jean.

Actually, don’t bother, he wasn’t able to survive the incurable disease of #livingwhileblack — and so it killed him without warning. And the part that sucks is how his murderer was treated like the victim she wasn’t. All hands were on deck to protect the White woman who stumbled upon a situation that she created, but somehow the villain ended up the dead Black guy who was evidently not drug-free.

And if you still need to be convinced about how Trump’s America is committed to the duty of demonizing non-Whites with enough ammunition to make our worthless state even more worthless — then check out the catastrophic state of affairs that continues to afflict Puerto Rico.

Yeah so, Hurricane Maria turned out to be a gigantic force to reckon with and the aftermath revealed the peril of an already vulnerable island that had been struggling to stay afloat prior to the added handicap to their existence.

The islanders welcomed the presence of their White president who was utterly disgusted at the notion that despite the unsettled debt glaring in the background, more funds had to be sent over to aid Brown people, who are typically used to dwelling amongst the ruins of their negligence.

He managed to initiate a quick game of “toss the paper towels!” before dismissing the national emergency as just a regular rain storm that killed fewer people than other notable disasters. He also callously reminded officials about the debt owed, before flying back to civilization.

What absolutely sucks about this scenario, is the fact that the death count from Hurricane Maria ended up surpassing the number of victims that perished during Hurricane Katrina.

If you highly doubt this sobering reveal — then contact Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

She would be more than happy to fill you in because she has all the receipts, including Twitter battles with the President of the United States, who not only publicly battered her reputation, but also accused her of failing to adequately perform her job duties. He also vehemently rejects the staggering death count that serves as proof of how his toxic administration has blood on its hands.

But none of these abominable crimes against humanity come remotely close to the national emergency of how White men are being unfairly victimized in ways that could revoke their privilege — until kingdom come.

It’s a season of intense concern as we witness the way Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was grilled to the hilt in a jarringly unsettling manner, that was so confusing, when you consider how his privilege was unceremoniously challenged.

Black people, including our children, are never given the benefit of the doubt, before the guns go off, and within seconds, a boy playing in a neighborhood park, is bleeding from the stomach for reasons that only White cops understand.

But what White men like Lindsey Graham can’t fathom, is how and why we’re subjecting a White man, and Yale Law School graduate, who may have sexually assaulted a woman or women, many, many years ago — to a lengthy tribunal that is meant to hold him accountable for something that could cost him everything.

And of course our White supremacist Commander-in-Chief has declared a state of emergency in response to this newly initiated virus that displays the troubling symptoms that could potentially render White men accountable for their actions.

There’s even the imminent danger, that the disease could spread and infect All Young White Men — who are still considered “youthful” at the age of fifty-three.

This recent development is unacceptable to White men in powerful positions, who refuse to tolerate the assault on their Whiteness especially when it’s the most valued currency of a country they stole. The destabilization of a system that operates on the premise of how only White lives matter is causing panic in the corridors of privilege — that exists to protect and preserve the honor of White men who behave very badly.

And so, our White president has no choice but to work overtime to ensure that young White males don’t fall victim to predatory instincts of unverified accusers who purposely create the traps that are meant to devalue the currency of our discontent.

He’s determined to uphold the sacredness of Whiteness above all else, and despite publicly victimizing the victim who bravely stepped forward in an act of sacrificial surrender to a system that has already failed her — most White women will shamelessly support the oppressors in a quest to save the endangered White men of America.

It’s perilous moments like these, when Whiteness is at stake, that we recall, instances in history that bare a striking contrast to the way White men are propped on gold-plated pedestals.

Most draw comparisons to the famous case of the Central Park Five, which is presently being given the cinematic treatment by Selma director — Ava DuVernay. The real life drama involved five young men of color, who were wrongfully accused of the assault and rape of a White female jogger in Central Park — back in 1989.

By the way — Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam and Kharey Wise — were between the ages of 14 and 16 at the time of their arrest.

A year later, all five of them were convicted of a crime they didn’t commit and proceeded to spend their formative years in jail before their convictions were “vacated” in 2002 — after their innocence was confirmed following the confession of a convicted murderer and serial rapist who was already serving time in prison.

Donald Trump, was the King of New York in the eighties, and had many powerful friends including Oprah Winfrey, The Clintons and many others in that realm, and of course he was in the prime position to insert himself wherever he saw fit — with bullish candor.

He couldn’t stand the audacity of five men of color, surviving the crime of brutalizing a White woman, and so he spent thousands of dollars on a full page ad — that was meant to encourage the return of the death penalty.

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The gesture of appalling cruelty was delivered even before these tragically vulnerable teens were convicted of the crime they didn’t commit. Trump was convinced of their guilt without any doubt, and without any evidence to support his claim. All he had was the comfortability of his bigotry — and how his hatred dictated the refusal to harbor the likelihood that these young lives deserved to be spared the “scary” fate of being declared “guilty of something they may not be guilty of.”

And so, the question of who can save White men from the buzzkill of accountability is an interesting one.

We already know the answer lies in the traitorous mechanisms of our government — and how the suffering candidate for a position that he’s clearly unqualified for — will finally be anointed sooner rather than later.

His privileged station has intensified under the pressure of bulleted Q&A sessions, and the maddening mistreatment of being reduced to a pulp of suspicion — that was brought on by a White woman who remarkably has no rights under the laws of her own Whiteness.

Christine Blasey Ford isn’t White enough to overcome her tragic loss because her aggressor isn’t a man of color. She is the enemy of the state and therefore has nothing to cling to.

Brett Kavanaugh is White enough to emerge victorious because the White men on both sides of party lines will fight like hell to retain the status quo. The titanic columns are crumbling under the duress of how White men might have to re-adjust to the reality of being criminalized under the same umbrella as their Black counterparts.

That’s not America.

America is the land of the free and home of the brave — and that translates to the purity of men who will not be defeated during this very “scary time.”

Non-White America has to brace for the uprising on behalf of a White man who won’t be allowed the fate that Whiteness typically overrules without push back.

So, when we ask who can save White men from the danger of accountability — you can pretty much figure it out.

But here’s a hint: they’re White and male.

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