Who will save him??

Who Can Save White Men From The Danger Of Being Held Accountable?

Whiteness equals bravery

Ezinne Ukoha
8 min readOct 4, 2018


There is a disturbance in the force, and not even the Knights of the Jedi Order can provide sufficient refuge from the ongoing epidemic that is threatening the stability and overall health of a nation — on the verge of a monstrous typhoon of epic proportions.

Yes, there are other issues that are considered distressing, and they’re even armed with deadlier consequences.

Take for instance the never-ending danger that follows Black people as the privilege that our White neighbors take for granted is mercilessly utilized as the weapon of choice — each time we dare to enter public spaces.

Our very lives are reduced to rubble, when we venture into the hostility of supremacy that permits our White president to emphatically champion the efforts of those who are determined to punish us for merely existing. He enjoys orchestrating the chaotic climate that makes non-Whites shiver with dread, as the anticipation of what lies ahead grips so tightly that we can barely breathe.

Yes, breathing is something we aren’t permitted to do — just ask Eric Garner.

Oops! Sorry! You can’t ask him because he’s dead. He was killed by the soldiers of death, who sport the badges of doom, and the…