White Supremacy Is Going To Get Us All Killed

Interesting that we are up in arms about Jared Kushner’s ill-fated attempt at responsibly addressing the American people, who don’t deserve to be abrasively feted by the glaring inefficiencies of our incompetent president’s equally inept son-in-law, who married his way into a “senior advisor” role in the White House.

Trump paraded his privileged status as the cowardly lion who roars loudest when he has his human reinforcements, acting on cue, to poorly clean up the messiness of a toxic administration that operates with criminally-minded intentions.

As COVID-19 raged in China and began its menacing European tour, Trump and his collection of fools were well-aware of what was coming and how it would manifest with deadly consequences, that could be drastically minimized with mandatory protocols in place.

But instead, with the trusted help of the raging machine known as Fox News, the office of the presidency blatantly ignored the warning signs and opted to play Russian roulette with American lives by assuming the superhuman immunity of hapless citizens, who are now suffering the severe consequences of a preventable national tragedy.

This isn’t the first time that Donald Trump has thrust his middle finger in the air after being thoroughly briefed by his own intelligence community about the clear and present dangers that have the potential to destabilize the vulnerable structures of our national security.

Remember that memorable stint in Helsinki when the newly-elected Commander-in-Chief defiantly pledged allegiance to Russia’s murderous dictator and orchestrator of the cyber attacks that doomed the 2016 elections, by traitorously rejecting the evidence that exposed Vladimir Putin’s plotted interference.

The crime scene was a global catastrophe, but more than that, it was the jarring preview of the lethality of white supremacy, and how it sacrifices innocent lives for the sake of upholding the historic banner of white power at all costs.

Donald Trump should’ve been stripped of his credentials upon his return to the country that he disgustingly sold out in an effort to massage his ego maniacal tendencies.

But he was spared the punishment he deserved, and gifted with more opportunities to continue his reign of destruction, that features similar themes of putting his own interests above his illustrious station as a leader of a once global superpower and “world police.”

The goal was to destroy the previously staunch relationships with former allies, and build a repertoire of contacts who share the reputation of being global disrupters, who will do whatever it takes to retain power, especially when it means killing off well-positioned detractors.

Four years later, we have now come full circle and it’s no surprise that we find ourselves at the mercy of a merciless virus that was allowed to permeate our shores, thanks to the welcome reception of the Trump administration.

The devilish savior of the GOP, who illegally employed his daughter and son-in-law without being reprimanded is exhibiting the typical traits that always resurface when his back is against the wall.

Jared Kushner, who had no previous foreign policy experience and never held down a government job, has been tasked with high-stakes assignments that are way above his pay grade. But due to his distinguished background, the so-called senior adviser can afford to throw his weight around, and make outlandish claims while berating those who’ve actually earned their positions.

White supremacy is going to get us all killed, not Jared Kushner or any of the other soldiers for Trump, who have nothing to lose during this season of utter chaos and mayhem.

We are embodying an era that will go down in history for how it reflects the frightening characteristics of what a leaderless country looks like.

Trump’s fateful presidential run and subsequent victory despite the uncouthness of his campaign, that was embedded in the freedom of restoring the glory of KKK meetings to lure white Americans who desperately desired that nostalgic embrace, was the undeniable “fuck you” to the population of Americans who are now paying the price.

White men can do no wrong even when evil deeds produce horrifying results.

The Trump Family Business is as robust as ever, and even in the midst of death and the hopelessness that leaves scarred Americans barely able to survive their lives, their thuggish president is trying to broker a deal with lenders in order to ward off threats to his sprawling properties.

And when he’s not trying to save the durability of his immense wealth, he’s attacking governors, senators, Black women journalists, and basically any public official who dares to rightfully hold him accountable for his beastly behavior and unforgivable lack of basic human decency.

The circulated letter addressed to Sen. Chuck Schumer is a viral piece of disturbing literature that once again reminds us of why we should be freaking out, now more than ever.

Schumer is merely performing his job duties as an elected officer from a state that’s being eaten alive by COVID-19, by making solid suggestions on how to prevent the loss of more lives.

Trump is more concerned about keeping his image blemish-free and this entails hitting below the belt in his retaliation against anyone who hints at his epic failure as the president who will be regarded as the worst to ever do it.

His whiteness is the damning privilege with prolific attributes that highlight why something that broken can be callously propped in the corridors of absolute power during this global pandemic.

The troubling statistics illustrate the high toll of this mysterious virus. More than 6,5000 Americans have perished and there are almost 260,000 of reported Coronavirus cases in the U.S.

As the numbers continue to head in the wrong direction, and affected states grappling with worse case scenarios have to contend with the added disaster of a combative menace, who cares more about his re-electability than heroically rising to the occasion and providing diligent cooperation, we must prepare for the dreaded outcome.

Donald Trump won the office of the presidency because of how he weaponized his whiteness in ways that have encouraged a steep rise in white terrorism, and this has evolved into the present terror that remains incurable.

That was the plan all along, and it’s sadly surpassing the highest expectations.

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