White Privilege. When You Can Knock Down a Group of Innocents and Live to Tell About It

I’m on a roll. It’s hard not to be. So much to say, so little time.

I though I’d logged in for the day when to my utmost surprise — The New York Times had a treat that left me burning for more.

More information to help me understand how a Jewish socialite with fake blonde hair and a face most would love to forget — ends up in the Style section looking all cute and cuddly with her family — when exactly fifteen years ago she was a drunk, rich white girl who ran down a bunch of people with the Mercedes Benz her daddy bought her.

Here’s the thing. Lizzie Grubman and I are close in age. I remember that summer of 2001 quite well. A lot happened that year — mostly bad so I guess that’s why it’s ghostly memorable.

I did read about the PR guru with the bleached blonde hair — who was determined to rule the Hamptons and the world.

She was the kind of white chick I hated with a vengeance. She wasn’t hotter than me, more intelligent or talented.

She was white, lucky, wealthy and entitled.

But where the fuck did that get her?

It apparently secured a lengthy piece about her way past shit days and her presently comfy disposition in The New York Times.

She served her time for the crime. She drove while intoxicated and recklessly endangered equally privileged bystanders. She served thirty-eight days in jail and five years probation.

Whenever I’m faced with the reality that white people can literally get away with murder or almost murder — I remember the black people who didn’t make it alive.

Sandra Bland haunts my soul like no other. No, actually Tamir Rice has me screaming in my sleep.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

I am not a militant racist bitch with no filter. Although, I do like the sound of that.

I am a black woman who grew up in Africa and matured in America after my parents convinced me that this was the land of my dreams.

Can you even dare for one minute to imagine what would have happened to someone who looked liked me if that drunken mistake had been my assignment?

For sure — I would not be featured in the Style section of the fucking New York Times — decades later.

I would have spent way more time in the slammer and life ever after would be a grim process that can’t ever be adequately summed up for white rich girls because they could never understand.

Life looks pretty awesome for Ms. Grubman. Sorry! I mean Mrs. Stern. She managed to seduce the husband of one of her employees and not only married him but had two kids.

How adorable! What a class act.

It’s so hard to internalize the bullshit that America so readily dishes out without taking the time to epically wile out.

White criminals are able to fuck up lives and look back years later in the splendor of their abode as they stylishly and dutifully acknowledge how far they’ve come and how grateful they are for the second chance that people of color never get.

Black people are killed quicker than you can say — Harambe the Gorilla.

They don’t get to reminisce about the glory days of being a renegade.

That’s it. My rant of how white privilege sucks is over.

But damn!

I do dig how Lizzie Grubman Stern nabbed the Style section of the The New York Times!

That’s crazy Yo!

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