Maurice Stallard and Vicky Lee Jones were gunned down by a White terrorist on Oct. 24

White Privilege Is The Terrorizer That’s Killing Off Black People and the LGBTQ in America

Where is the justice?

Ezinne Ukoha
9 min readOct 29, 2018


America doesn’t have a president. We have a White male who never grew up because all the money in the world was enough to stunt his growth, and produce a man-baby who can’t embody the qualities that make us claim the assignment of a human being.

Instead of a leader, we got a wealthy fucker who won a highly-visible competition, and that victory is his claim to fame and the only thing that separates his head from his heart.

We are in a leaderless country that is aimlessly astray, and direly flailing under the duress of White privilege and how this radical religion is allowing a White male to convert the office of the presidency into turnstile of menaced dysfunction — that can only be achieved under the negligence of well-positioned White males — who refuse to deactivate the ticking bomb in their midst.

If you dare remove the monstrous White moron from The White House it will be deemed a risky move, when you consider that his ascension was warranted to reassure White people that White America isn’t going out of style.

And so we’re saddled with the burden of knowing that when domestic terrorism is activated, and the blaring alerts involve two former presidents — the current “president” will re-direct the crisis to his never-ending need to affirm the durability of the GOP.

He will downplay the national emergency by publicly mocking the audacity of Americans to panic and express concern, by shaming the climate of hysteria and bullying his way into reminders of how bomb threats can be used by his detractors to distract and detract from his “winning streak” — as the White male who is also allowed to terrorize without hindrance.

Donald Trump is a terrorizer with blood on his hands.

The suspect who was eventually arrested days after his mailed bomb packages were intercepted…