Maurice Stallard and Vicky Lee Jones were gunned down by a White terrorist on Oct. 24

White Privilege Is The Terrorizer That’s Killing Off Black People and the LGBTQ in America

America doesn’t have a president. We have a White male who never grew up because all the money in the world was enough to stunt his growth, and produce a man-baby who can’t embody the qualities that make us claim the assignment of a human being.

Donald Trump is a terrorizer with blood on his hands.

The suspect who was eventually arrested days after his mailed bomb packages were intercepted and deactivated, was apparently head over heels in love with the hate-filled messaging that the Commander-in-Chief indulges in at his White supremacist rallies.

Vickie Lee Jones and Maurice E. Stallard may have died in vain and it’s all our fault. The circumstances that ushered their deaths have been normalized beyond repair.

What mainstream fails to emphatically convey is the fact that domestic terrorism won’t end with the impressively swift arrest of Cesar Sayoc Jr., because the ongoing and increasing systemic attacks on marginalized people in a country, that’s been programmed to brutalize and murder us without justice —is still very much an active epidemic.

Trump’s America won’t stop until White America is cleaned from the residue of non-White America and the legacy of the Black president who dirtied up the tradition of White pride.

As we speak, the LGBTQ community is under attack as 2018 winds down to a full blown virus that features the tragedy of how transgenders faced deadly assaults in record numbers.

White Privilege Is The Terrorizer That’s Killing Off Black People and the LGBTQ, and there will be no justice.

The media refuses to highlight and spotlight the ongoing national crisis that deserves to be assessed and processed as the emergency that’s only getting more dire in tone.

The White privilege that’s putting targeted communities at risk is finessed by America’s adherence to the securement of Whiteness.

This mindset permits a woefully incompetent cretin to lawfully encourage the habits of White supremacists, while risking the pulse of our power for the pleasure of his stroked ego and burgeoning relations with global traitors.

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