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Maurice Stallard and Vicky Lee Jones were gunned down by a White terrorist on Oct. 24

White Privilege Is The Terrorizer That’s Killing Off Black People and the LGBTQ in America

Where is the justice?

America doesn’t have a president. We have a White male who never grew up because all the money in the world was enough to stunt his growth, and produce a man-baby who can’t embody the qualities that make us claim the assignment of a human being.

Instead of a leader, we got a wealthy fucker who won a highly-visible competition, and that victory is his claim to fame and the only thing that separates his head from his heart.

We are in a leaderless country that is aimlessly astray, and direly flailing under the duress of White privilege and how this radical religion is allowing a White male to convert the office of the presidency into turnstile of menaced dysfunction — that can only be achieved under the negligence of well-positioned White males — who refuse to deactivate the ticking bomb in their midst.

If you dare remove the monstrous White moron from The White House it will be deemed a risky move, when you consider that his ascension was warranted to reassure White people that White America isn’t going out of style.

And so we’re saddled with the burden of knowing that when domestic terrorism is activated, and the blaring alerts involve two former presidents — the current “president” will re-direct the crisis to his never-ending need to affirm the durability of the GOP.

He will downplay the national emergency by publicly mocking the audacity of Americans to panic and express concern, by shaming the climate of hysteria and bullying his way into reminders of how bomb threats can be used by his detractors to distract and detract from his “winning streak” — as the White male who is also allowed to terrorize without hindrance.

Donald Trump is a terrorizer with blood on his hands.

The suspect who was eventually arrested days after his mailed bomb packages were intercepted and deactivated, was apparently head over heels in love with the hate-filled messaging that the Commander-in-Chief indulges in at his White supremacist rallies.

The urgency to praise the “body-slamming” moves that were exacted by a GOP congressman on a reporter from the Guardian, and the constant demonizing of the media by referring to mainstream outlets as “Enemy of the people,” — as well as the total disregard for the increasing incidences of racially-motivated crimes has become the approved stamp of misconduct.

The news cycle’s saturation in the coverage of the nefarious White male with the unfortunate title of “president” is unprecedented, and the motivation is both comprehensible and unacceptable.

There’s obviously the naggingly disruptive fear of how the play by play of White privilege is overriding the narrative of how marginalized people in America are being societally destroyed and killed off without any national attention.

The national crisis of how Black people are being bombed out and gunned down in a country that historically recognizes these crimes as the normalized method of extinction, is being carried out without issue or the sounding of alarms that should drown out any doubt of how and why Black lives should matter.

Instead we get dehumanized as other lives that have been violently disrupted take centerstage with humanized narratives that further exacerbate the exclusion of Black victims — that also deserve the spotlight and honorable mentions by overpaid anchors.

When the White male terrorist used his privilege to illustrate his supremacy with bomb packages that were sent to the private homes of Black citizens, killing two people and seriously injuring five others — there was the very brief mention of who he was and how he cowardly exited this world after exacting irrevocable damage.

The victims were mentioned and quickly mourned and then it was onward into the summer of 2018 that saw the brutal slaying of Nia Wilson, the young Black woman who was knifed to death by a White male terrorist, while exiting a train with her sisters to board another in Oakland, CA.

Her killer was allegedly mentally ill, and had stormed a train station that’s part of the BART system without paying the fare, where he encountered passengers making their way through the area — and decided to hone in on the innocent Black women. His deadly decision was dismissed as a coincidence, considering his state of mind and how that interferes with the ability to be coherent.

And yet, the police killing of Chinedu Okobi, weeks ago seems to trump that theory, since the Bay area native of Nigerian descent wasn’t afforded the privilege of his fragile disposition when five sheriffs pulled him over and proceeded to Taser him to death in broad daylight.

And not too long ago, we were revisited with the horror show that seized our senses when a White male terrorist quietly stormed a Black church in Charleston, North Carolina, and with the authority of White supremacy and the privilege it wields, proceeded to shoot up the space housing Black worshippers attending bible study.

The terrorizer killed nine people and walked out and into the arms of law enforcement, who embraced him and infamously rewarded the killer with a lunch box from Burger King.

Fast forward to the present and the scene of a White male terrorizer with the same mission to shoot and kill only Black people. It happened at a grocery store in Louisville, Kentucky, and the two victims were Black people with nice faces — who were in their sixties and did nothing wrong except venture into territory that was marked for their extinction.

There’s also evidence that the terrorizer had attempted an attack on the First Baptist Church, but evidently there is a God because the security measures in place thwarted a potential bloodbath.

Gregory Bush matches the template of a Black person’s nightmare come true, and his immediate arrest is not comforting when you consider how Trump’s America is manufacturing plenty more prototypes who are ready and willing to make their president proud — with the scrapbook of Black lives that were ended to keep America Great Again.

It’s also noteworthy that despite the fact that Gregory Bush made it clear that he was targeting only Black people — his actions still haven’t been definitively described as a hate crime by authorities.

Vickie Lee Jones and Maurice E. Stallard may have died in vain and it’s all our fault. The circumstances that ushered their deaths have been normalized beyond repair.

What mainstream fails to emphatically convey is the fact that domestic terrorism won’t end with the impressively swift arrest of Cesar Sayoc Jr., because the ongoing and increasing systemic attacks on marginalized people in a country, that’s been programmed to brutalize and murder us without justice —is still very much an active epidemic.

Check this out:

In 2017, research shows that hate crimes rose 12 percent over 2016 levels in 38 of the largest cities. There were 1,038 hate crimes in the nation’s 10 largest cities — the highest in more than a decade.

Also, the one constant when it comes to hate crimes is the fact that African-Americans are the mostly targeted group, followed by “lesbians, gays and bisexuals; whites; Jews; Latinos; and Muslims.”

The nation is still reeling from the actions of a White male terrorist who attacked a synagogue in a primarily Jewish neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA — and how the lives lost and irrevocably affected further heighten how high the stakes are when the climate is boiling over — and the epicenter of government has chilled in its need to take drastic measures.

There’s also the disturbing evidence of Russian interference that’s obviously manifested through the availability that is bestowed by the White traitor in The White House, who vehemently downplayed the diligence of his own intelligence agencies on foreign territory — and in the supreme presence of Vladimir Putin.

Trump might be able to escape the wrath of his inner circle who are too blinded by the privilege of Whiteness to responsibly shield the nation from expert disrupters — but the ugliness of race-baiting with the utilization of bots that were deposited on social media platforms, notably Facebook, as minefields to incite racial discord — is a sobering truth of just how valuable White privilege is as the currency of our discontent and destruction.

Trump’s America won’t stop until White America is cleaned from the residue of non-White America and the legacy of the Black president who dirtied up the tradition of White pride.

As we speak, the LGBTQ community is under attack as 2018 winds down to a full blown virus that features the tragedy of how transgenders faced deadly assaults in record numbers.

Here are some facts:

According to Sarah McBride, the national press secretary of Human Rights Campaign (HRC):

“There is an epidemic of violence against people from marginalized communities in this country, and it’s an epidemic that is rising.”

D’Arcy Kemnitz, executive director of National LGBT Bar Association, added another equally disturbing fact:

“The murder rate of transgender individuals in America is alarming, especially the murder rate of transgender women of color.”

There’s also this pertinent detail from a 2017 report:

Of the 102 transgender murders between 2013 and 2017, 86 percent of the victims were black, Hispanic or Native American, 11 percent were white and 5 percent were unknown by the organization.

And yet the Trump administration has interestingly chosen to further hamper the safety and security of transgenders, merely days before the mid-term elections by callously re-defining and demeaning their worth.

There will be a systemic revising of the term “gender” in ways that will limit it to the narrow-minded and biased definition that’s regulated to the “biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.”

This calculatedly deadly move will only further exacerbate an issue that’s costing lives and will definitely bequeath terrorizers with more ammunition, geared towards the helpless and vulnerable who have done nothing except fight for the rights that are being zapped away by a murderous administration.

White Privilege Is The Terrorizer That’s Killing Off Black People and the LGBTQ, and there will be no justice.

The media refuses to highlight and spotlight the ongoing national crisis that deserves to be assessed and processed as the emergency that’s only getting more dire in tone.

This gross negligence is specifically geared towards Black people and transgender Americans, who are subjected to daily torture sessions of illegal harassment in public spaces by aggressive White people — that has now become a habitual treat for online gawkers. And of course the murderous tactics of rogue cops that results in the deaths of unarmed Black men who sometimes suffer from mental illness. And the cold-blooded murder of Black people that never quite qualifies as the news item that’s worth presenting.

And the only reason why CNN finally decided to highlight the brutal killings of two African-Americans at the Kroger supermarket in Louisville, KY — was to serve the bigger purpose of creating the landscape of domestic terrorism — that ended with the ultimate tragedy of the unfortunate event at the synagogue.

As a Black woman who can no longer wait for the traffic light to change without imagining a passing vehicle pumping bullets in my direction, or cross the street without praying that a car doesn’t attempt to mow me down — surviving Trump’s America is an endeavor that’s taking a solid toll on my wearied disposition.

The White privilege that’s putting targeted communities at risk is finessed by America’s adherence to the securement of Whiteness.

This mindset permits a woefully incompetent cretin to lawfully encourage the habits of White supremacists, while risking the pulse of our power for the pleasure of his stroked ego and burgeoning relations with global traitors.

White privilege is the terrorizer that allows cold-hearted White men and White women in high positions of government to readily preserve their supremacy by protecting the damaging consequences that would get a Black president impeached with blinding immediacy.

Black people and members of the LGBTQ community are dwelling in terror, and there is no indication that our plight will be treated with the dignified response that would match the White population if they were being systemically terrorized.

Trump’s America is a bloodbath of injustice and it’s only going to get worse.

And with zero coverage and the normalization of how targeted lives don’t matter — we may not even have the incentive to take a knee during the national anthem.

We might just settle for the more convenient — middle finger.

FYI: Notice how many times the term “White male terrorist” was used throughout this piece.

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