Domestic terrorists charged with plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan

White Perpetrators Always Get Elite Treatment

It’s been five months since the horrific slaying of George Floyd. He would’ve turned 47 on October 14, if not for the fateful encounter with his killer Derek Chauvin, who is only three years younger than the victim he callously suffocated with his knee, while ignoring fading cries for mercy.

Chauvin, a former thug-in-uniform and demonstrated white supremacist, who was arrested and subsequently slapped with murder and manslaughter charges, has been released after paying the $1 million bond, which was undoubtedly provided by a mysterious source.

And if that’s not disgusting enough to internalize, we’ve been hit with the unfathomable update about how a cold-blooded murderer, who exerted the death stamp on George Floyd’s neck for almost nine terrifying minutes will be allowed the luxury of leaving town in order to avoid threats to his shitty life.


A county judge was coerced by evidence provided by the Department of Corrections that allegedly makes a strong case regarding “safety concerns” for a white terrorist, who set the nation and the world on fire, when violent clips of his allegiance to white power activated the months-long protests in retaliation against police brutality and the systemic injustice that enables it.

It’s hard to reconcile with the traitorousness of America’s unyielding obsession with white men who behave badly.

It’s no secret how white historians periodically observe the frightening catalog of legendary monsters like Ted Bundy and Charles Manson, who are culturally revered for being the masterminds of notable schemes that no imaginative screenwriter could seamlessly deliver.

We see it in the media coverage of white males who are guilty of their crimes, and yet still have the privilege of careful dissection, that almost always paints the sobering picture of defeated backgrounds, that can be utilized as the humanizing factor, thwarting complete loathing and judgment.

White perpetrators always get elite treatment, across the board, including domestic white terrorists who walk into a Black church and shoot up a bible study in progress, demolishing nine Black lives, and still have the audacity to be escorted to Burger King in a cop car for a quick lunch before booking.

Or 13 scumbags, who have been charged with the foiled attempt to kidnap Governor Gretchen Witmer of Michigan, and ultimately take down the government, and in light of their arrests are being described as “militia” as opposed to domestic terrorists — a term that’s commonly associated with Muslims who are assumed to be exactly that.

White perpetrators are never deemed as the acute threats they pose, even when they make the inhumane decision to torture and kill an unarmed Black man on the streets of Minnesota, in full view of stunned witnesses, dutifully capturing those harrowing moments that last forever.

Derek Chauvin is less than human, and the fact that he’s still breathing is a testimony to how the ire of Karma takes way too long to find worthy contenders.

You can’t pretend to give a damn about creatures walking around in human form because that goes against reasonability.

When Donald Trump announced his positive test results for COVID, via Twitter, my immediate reaction was nonchalance. And I also tweeted out the truth of how the final outcome pertaining to the Racist-in-Chief would make absolutely no difference to my ability to survive the remaining months of 2020.

In other words, whether he lives or dies — IDGAF.

Some misread my words to mean I wished him dead, which couldn’t be further from the truth because as we all know, death is a status that ALL of us will succumb to, sooner or later, so why would I curse anyone with something that represents my fate?

That being said, when it comes to Derek Chauvin, the devil who visibly relished the haunting sounds of a dying Black man, who was tragically Black enough not to matter, I’m not sure I can honestly maintain the healthy perspective of not wishing him dead by handing him over to God’s will.

I’m sure I will get there with practice, but right now, it hurts my soul when I think about George Floyd’s last minutes on this earth, and how it didn’t have to be like that, if not for the white man with a badge, who was trained to terrorize Black people with the assurance of how he won’t have to pay for his crimes.

Yeah, sure, we can argue that Chauvin’s relocation, far from the scene of his crime, to guarantee his precious safety for obvious reasons is standard procedure under the law, but how about how the LAW never, ever protects the civic liberties of communities that have been targeted for systemic injustice, that won’t end until we abolish the police?

Derek Chauvin a so-called former cop murdered a Black man for the world to see, and he enjoyed that shit to the hilt. He literally couldn’t hide the joy of what he had been waiting to execute, and when we discover how both men had a fateful encounter prior to Floyd’s killing, it makes this real-life horror story even more disconcerting.

The white male who sent a graphic image of his invincibility with the deadly move that ended George Floyd’s life is actually a goddamn coward, who meekly submits to whatever it takes to ensure that HE lives to see another day.

Would a Black man in that same position of outrightly killing an unarmed white man on the street, while he begs for his life, garner the same privilege of being moved to a “safer” location, while leisurely awaiting trial.


It’s not happening because who will fund the $1 million dollar bail?

Not to mention the fact that he would be referred to as the N-word and treated as such, which means if he happens to die under mysterious circumstances — so be it.

We have two judicial systems, and until we dismantle the structures that uphold the statutes of white supremacy and rebuild with vital input from Black lawmakers, nothing will ever change.

And white criminals will continue to receive the elite treatment that extends to the highest office in the land.

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