Which Life Do You Want Anyway!

I gave you what you asked for, it was late but you got it

Thanks, you finally came through

I did. You asked me to yield and I stretched for miles

So far off, I got lost finding the beginning to the end.

I asked for it. You gave me what I begged for and it grew with each breath

So heavy, the fluffy clouds purring from my pores sent me on a ladder to the sky.

You ruined it. What I gave you. You fucked it up so bad that you better never wish for what you plead for. Again.

I returned it. What I thought was mine. I gave it back. And I won’t ever ask for what I want. Never.

Wishing to ask for what was mine and then fucking up so bad that what was mine becomes the wish I didn’t ask for makes me wish I could live another day.

Another life. Another time. Another me.

Always you.

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