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Is she crying?!

Where Was The Outrage When Former First Lady Michelle Obama Was Labeled “Ape in Heels?”

Sarah Sanders got off easy

The White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner 2018 — is over but not done with — based on the residue stemming from comedian Michelle Wolf’s delightfully scathing segment — which is still frosting timelines and outlets — as blindsided attendees with journalistic authority — seem to be bitterly divided in their stance over how White House Press Secretary — Sarah Sanders was treated.

But — as a Black woman — it was never comfortable or pleasant to live through the Obama years with the persistent range of insults that were directed at our First Lady — Michelle Obama.

From the moment she entered The White House — to the day The First Family gracefully made their exit — the disgusting name calling never ceased. As always — in her case — her Black features were under attack — as White men and White women with so-called enviable careers — were more than ready to risk it all for the joy of referring to the first lady as a primate on the loose with heels on.

But — where was the outrage for Michelle Obama?

There was no collective uproar from White feminists — demonstrating their disapproval at the thugs that were slinging poisonous bites at their first lady — by resorting to her looks as the preferred target.

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