When Your Only Love Is the Only One

The only one. To love? Day after day I ponder it. The ease with which our smiles collided and the way my heart raced with luster when your eyes gave me a good cleansing.

Blond hair. Blue eyes. Taller than the Eiffel Tower and sleeker than a wet sidewalk in Ikeja.

My rightly choice?

Yeah, you were.

The city was the playground and kept our secrets as we frolicked in wild abandon.

Here. There. Everywhere.

The nights you kidnapped my senses with bottles of red wine and baskets of delight.

We lost our minds. Immersed in it.

Drunk with the sensation of lust and concocted betrayal.

Hidden lounges, dull lighting and the swift opening to primal release.

The questions afterwards, and then the taxi ride back to mine and yours

Sweating and writhing in bed as I recall what I want now but can’t

But there is tomorrow and many more morrows that fill me up and evacuate later.

One day, unawares, I contemplate the imaginable but it’s rejected

I want to disappear to the world I created for us

Leave your assignments behind and I will submit us to what can’t be denied.

You left in a hurry because you were gone already

I stayed in the tomb of what could have been

Still swaddled in promises of another time, another place.

Same you. Always.

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