When Your Job Search Becomes an Unfortunate Punchline

This summer is shaping up to be another scorcher. And I don’t meant the unforgiving rays of the sun.

As opposed to posting and reposting.

As I toss my phone away and continue pounding the treadmill with renewed vigor — I contemplate the irony of my predicament.

But now. Right now. I’m in limbo.

You see, I totally get that even though I’m talented, passionate and diligent — those attributes may not be applicable to the current climate of viral confectionary.

Something has to change.

I need to either become an expert in the realm of manhandling the masses with precision and generic offerings laced with incoherency — or ascend into the position of control by planning an independent coup.

Time to check the phone. Again.

Oh snap! An email with “Disney Editor Role” in the subject line. Okay. This is new. The interview I attended earlier this year ended up being a bust. So…perhaps this is my lucky day!

The joke is on me. The joke is on them. The joke is on us.

Since then — I’ve stopped looking for a job.

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