When You Write They Will Come

They see it. They don’t smell it from afar and rush over under the seductive directives from the spices of click baits and coerced images.

They see you. You’re all over it and its glorious. Every word strikes a cord. Sometimes separately — other times in chimed unison.

They feel you. It’s obvious that you were moved enough to move them which moves you into their hearts and into their file of honored recommends.

You will always give them no reason to refuse you every time you hit the page — as you float among the familiar and unfamiliar.

They know you. You’ve spent time revealing the good, the ugly and the unthinkable.

There is no business like show business except when you are constantly trying to perform for those who just want to understand why you are and how that matters in the space they inhabit.

There is no strategy or secret code required to bring the maddening crowd to your impromptu town hall when you hit the button that airs out your latest offering.

Your agenda has to be a selfish longing to offload the burden of fear that you may have said too much all at once.

Never the anxiety that the page that charts your progress may again — remain frozen with frigid neglect.

You should be hopeful that the sacrifice of taking your craft seriously and biblically may pay off in the form of a life being rescued from oblivion.

Not anticipate the glory of a short-lived worship session that will ultimately leave you crazed for another hit that takes forever to materialize.

You should adamantly support those around you without prejudice or envy because if you blatantly refuse — they will assume it’s because you are prejudiced and envious.

And that will automatically disqualify you as a writer and decent human being.

But you don’t have to be a decent human being to make the words on your page resonate without fail.

You just have to be honestly who are. And own what you are.

Being a writer can change you in ways you never expected.

It’s the therapy session you’re paying for that complicates a situation that is pretty straightforward and far less expensive to assess.

All you need to do is believe in everything that leads you from the beginning to the end.

And in the end. They will come

I should know because the community here — at Medium came in droves for me.

And for that — I thank you.

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