Wonder who took this winning shot?

When Will Cops Start Arresting White People For Harassing Black People?

Okay. Here’s the deal. For the past few weeks — I’ve been out-of-sorts and it has nothing to do with cramps or the allergy attacks that inspire me to literally want to chop off my nose and breathe through my ass.

It’s the non-stop traffic jam of news items that are basically replicas of the mascot that was instituted when those two Black men were thrown out of Starbucks — because the White manager felt threatened by the fact that they opted to hold off from ordering anything until their appointment arrived.

I expressed my disdain for the White lady who willingly resigned from her post — and is most likely employed at a place where she’s regarded as the hero who did what she was supposed to do to protect herself and the other White customers.

But — lately there has been an inherent need by news organizations and online publications — to continuously feed the public a steady flow of evidence — that is supposed to prove how Black people are basically an endangered species — because of the vileness of White people who exercise their rights by asking law enforcement to help reinforce their privilege.

The stories need to be told — but there’s also the lurking suspicion that the motives behind the delivery are less than noble.

This climate of over-kill when it comes to reporting the shit that’s timely and relevant — is becoming a sport that every outlet wants to win — at all costs — and that wouldn’t be an issue if lives weren’t at stake.

This “epidemic” of White vs. Black is creating a false narrative based on the frequency of cloned headlines that no longer evoke the instinctual vibes of concern and disgust that greeted the originator — weeks ago.

There’s also this need to re-arrange the presentation with updates in order to ensure that there will be plenty more from where that came from.

How is it okay for all of us to play this trite game of cluelessness as if we’re really up for the task of pretending that this “epidemic” is hitting us unexpectedly — without any signs of slowing down?

Are we doing it for the purpose of fulfilling editorial requests from the morning meeting that mandates that we provide daily doses of videos featuring flustered White women and pompous White men — playing their roles with practiced perfection — as the Black victims of their rage accept their thankless appearances with adjusted dullness.

We exhaustively scroll through the morning previews and at times we highlight the ones that nag at us — like the one about the Black man pushing a stroller with a baby that he possibly kidnapped — or the latest fiasco involving a really bad actor who managed to astutely perform the racist skit about how speaking Spanish in public is righteously offensive.

It’s a shit show at this point and while I appreciate the efforts that are implemented to keep us at the edge of our seats — and our blood pressure at an all-time high — I have to intervene as a concerned citizen — whose mental state is in need of a makeover.

I have to plead for a re-direction that can only be possible if the outcome of these outrageous tales of woe at the expense of people who look like me — can provide some sense of justice.

We need cops to step out of character for an extended period of time — and experiment with the pledge to arrest White people who are callously harassing Black people for the sake of vanity and trendsetting.

This feeding frenzy must end and it must end NOW.

Enough with the robotic antics that are activated with anything that is remotely related to race. Black people don’t need to be drowned in their own misery in order to fully comprehend our tragic dispositions in a society that has turned our misfortune into a profitable gig.

Editors depend on racially-charged material to enhance the chances of making the monthly quota — and I can’t imagine being employed at any of these outlets because I’m quite certain it would only take me five minutes to lose my fucking mind.

Do we even know what we’re fighting for and why?

This whole mess is gross and reeks of everything that’s wrong with us and even though I know why and how we got here — I’m not going to tackle that shit — because I’m tired of telling you what you don’t want to know.

But — I will voice how frighteningly appalling it is to watch the media cower under the strains of pressure that dictates what we cover and how deep we are allowed to go — in order to maintain the standing of mediocrity.

Why aren’t we hounding the police and driving them insane with requests to do their goddamn job?

We report the shit about Black people being unlawfully pestered by White people — but we aren’t in the slightest bit curious about what the solution should be — because we can’t encourage a cure for this virus.

That would end this winning streak of numbers and that would mean holding out for the next trending item — and who knows how long that could take?

I thought being a journalist wasn’t just reporting the facts — but also investigating each case — and figuring out the mystery of why such a thing is happening — without adequate intervention from those who are hired to enforce law and order.

Why are cops comfortably stashed in the background — observing the nonsensical acts of White people as if it’s the most natural thing in the world?

How do we get back to a progressive existence that requires civilized behavior as the rule of conduct by any means necessary?

When will cops decide to scare White people into submission and silence — instead of running around like idiots whenever the call comes in about a Black person on the loose — like something out of a satirical offering that you could never imagine being realized.

The questions never stop clogging my over-worked brain and I guess that means that the madness will continue — until a White person pisses off the wrong Black stranger.

That death will force a revision of this maddening script.

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