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When White Women Hurt, The Whole World Weeps

But Black women…

So — you’ve heard by now what happened to Tomi Lahren — the conservative political commenter — who uses her platform to mock the objectives of Black Lives Matter — while also spewing out the vile rhetoric that people who share her values — pleasurably internalize.

Here’s a snippet of the diary of America’s Princess:

Needless to say — I’m not a fan of Tomi Lahren for countless reasons — but the main one is rooted in her immense popularity — which at the age of twenty-five — is quite a feat.

Or maybe not.

It can’t be that hard to be a cute blonde with youthful vigor — and the ambition to make the wholesomeness of conservatism — White America’s most beloved past time.

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Even though it’s worth noting that being an endorsed public figure with a huge following comes with a level of responsibility — that most people in their twenties can’t seamlessly manage without faltering.

But — Lahren is a White woman — appealing to a population that views her as the goddess with a ray of sunshine — affecting everyone in her midst.

Hell! Even Charlamagne tha God fell under her spell by taking the time to give Lahren added exposure at the expense of Black women. He mocked us for not being savvy enough to replicate the enviable prominence of a White woman — who gives old rich White men orgasms every time she opens that mouth of hers to speak.

WTF is he talking about?

In fact one of those disgusting old men tweeted his support for Lahren when the heartbreaking news of how she was doused with water by a hater at an Minneapolis eatery — became public:

The President of the United States is essentially the most powerful man in the world — and therefore has a full ass plate of emergency items that need his immediate attention. He’s also embroiled in sex scandals — and locked in a heated battle with the FBI and other agents of the government — that he views with utter disdain because they refuse to massage his ego — until he climaxes.

Yet — Donald Trump is able to juggle his chaotic schedule — and at the same time show love to a young woman who has no clue what the ramifications of her hate speeches will produce a decade from now.

His predictable nature is comical — when you consider how he only gives a shoutout to White Americans who denounce movements — that are committed to keeping Black America alive and functional.

Heaven forbid that the president extend that same honor to a Black man — who heroically saved the day after a White man lost his shit at the Waffle House — and tragically ended the lives of four young Black Americans.

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Nobody cares when Black people are in danger. We only give a fuck when White women are fucked with — because they matter. They will always matter more than any of us.

Now — the entire country is immersed in the breaking news alert of how a White woman was drenched in water while she was out on the town.

Social media is buzzing with reactions from users — as some think she had it coming and others believe that despite her appalling views — there’s no good reason for her rights to be violated.

My stance on this viral issue is influenced by my disposition as a Black woman — who has been treated to numerous videos — showcasing women who look like me — being beaten and battered by men in uniform. Interestingly enough — none of these celebrity motherfuckers ever tweeted their shock and disbelief — that such a horrific thing can happen to a woman.

Chikesia Clemons is a young Black woman — about the same age as Tomi Lahren — and she became famous after receiving an epic beatdown from White cops who were summoned by White employees at a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama.

Aside from the fact that there was no justifiable reason to call the cops on Clemons and her friend — since the matter could’ve been easily resolved under the supervision of an experienced manager. There’s also the realization that the outcry for a White girl — that had some water splashed on her designer duds — far outweighs the empathy shown to an innocent Black girl who was overpowered by two White men who almost ripped the clothes off her back.

White women matter — and when they hurt — the whole world weeps.

Sorry — but I feel nothing for Lahren’s unfortunate mishap. I don’t have it in me to care one way or the other about how this incident shines light on why freedom of speech is being unjustly censored. I don’t care if she was physically or emotionally scarred.

It’s just infuriating that we all have to be consumed with something that really doesn’t require all that much attention. The only reason why it has to be analyzed and sterilized is because of the person involved and how her purity makes this a bigger deal than it needs to be.

If a Black woman journalist had suffered a similar fate — it wouldn’t be trending and no celebs or even our racist president would have shit to say about it. It would remain within the confines of Black Twitter and receive modest exposure from certain outlets — but that would be it.

It’s quite disturbing that a young Black woman can be victimized by law enforcement with gross brutality — and in a manner that should automatically qualify the perpetrators for immediate dismissal — and yet it’s mostly Black people that care enough to raise their voices in protest.

But — when a White woman gets water thrown her way — everyone is up in arms and ready to passionately defend her or the system that makes what happened to her the worst thing to ever befall a human being.

Spare me!

Anyone who is dumb enough to publicly insult institutions that are in place to uphold the dignity and livelihood of the oppressed — should be up to the task of preparing for the worst case scenario.

I’m saving my tears for the ones who deserve it and Lord knows I should be all cried out — but I’m a Black woman.

When we cry — it’s not over spilled milk. It’s for the blood spilling in our streets.

That’s the stark difference between White tears and Black tears.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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