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Hate killed Nia Wilson

When White Men Kill Black Women, It’s Not “Random,” It’s a Hate Crime

Nia Wilson is dead. She was 18-years-old. She was traveling with her older sister Letifah on the BART train system in Oakland, from Concord, on Sunday night, and when they disembarked at the MacArthur station with intentions to make a transfer — they were blindsided by a White guy with a knife.

It was a hate crime, pure and simple — and suggesting otherwise is a dangerous reality that we can’t entertain because more lives are at stake — including mine.

As a Black woman trapped in this god-forsaken society of domestic terrorism that features freely roaming White people — who either want the cops to do the dirty work of removing me from their view — or they take matters into their own hands with bomb packages, box cutters or guns — I’m literally scared beyond words to walk around on any given day.

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