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It’s time to rebrand

When We Talk About The Power of Sex, Let’s Focus on the Powerless


For most, there is no doubt that the Harvey Weinstein debacle is taking over the universe with massive flares of first-person accounts and the reposts at strategic moments of the day — that are supposed to enhance visibility for the much-needed extra clicks.

The disturbing details of Weinstein’s harmful behavior that basically started back when ingenues didn’t have access to Insta Stories — is a triggering exercise for those of us who’ve been down that road — and still have a challenging time with vivid reenactments that strike without warning in the most random of poses.

The Hollywood event of 2017 is guiding us to the end of the year and potentially early parts of next year — as the scandal — still brewing within the confines of editorial outlets that desperately need to ensure the services of overnight editors — becomes the indefinite new normal — there’s a swell of ideas on how we can navigate these fierce times.

Much applause has been given to the big names that have chosen to step into a spotlight that any of us would gladly avoid. The biggest revelation was recently provided by actor Terry Crews who described the sexual assault he suffered at the hands of a highly-visible Hollywood executive.

Former Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek has also joined the growing list of celebrities who are opting to use their platform as a tool for healing and validation in case there’s ever a doubt about the legitimacy of sexual harassment and its non-exclusivity.

The fact that both Crews and Van Der Beek are both male — doesn’t make their ordeal more harrowing or shocking — rather it elevates the nature of the conversation, by shedding light on the validation of victims — regardless of race or gender — and centering the main culprit, so there’s no confusion or careless assumptions.

Weinstein was able to get away with foul and reckless behavior for decades — and it all took place in an industry that plays up the adage of how and why sexy, young things get to land the role of their lives — in record time and with hardly any practice.

Phrases like “she slept her way to the top” or “she would do anything to be a star” were on heavy rotation not too long ago, and it seemed to insinuate that there was a standard trajectory for any starlet who wasn’t willing to wait her turn.

In short, Hollywood seemed like an infinite cesspool of sexual deviancy — where anything goes if you have enough energy and the guts to be seriously famous.

I can’t lie about the incentives that gave me the sporadic push to pursue my dreams in La La Land. As a twenty-something basking in the symbols of what it might take to “make it” — there were many a nights that me and my trusted group would swirl wine glasses and joke about the hot leading men we would screw after the director yells “Cut!” We created vibrant scenarios and chose the best ones — and then concluded that it was impossible not to be “whorish” in a town — overrun by heightened libidos.

Once you sober up for good and couple it with forced maturity — it’s clear that fairy tales can actually be nightmares in disguise.

It’s hard to imagine that Weinstein was able to hold court with some of the biggest and brightest and still maintain a dignified appearance with Hollywood’s elite. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Hillary Clinton and others in that ranking — have expressed disgust and disbelief over the exploits of a longtime friend and colleague — who they apparently don’t recognize.

Regardless of how many knew and decided to stay silent or didn’t know and currently feel torn and betrayed — there is no doubt that as Weinstein heads off to the high-priced facility for a much-needed vacation — there will continue to be in depth interviews from all sorts as well as a plethora of think pieces like this one — aiming to present radically different points of view.

In the midst of the rubble and the expansion of victims — is the ultimate search for the truth and how it matters.

When we talk about the power of sex, we must focus on the powerless.

Actress Jessica Chastain — is persistently vocal about the issues that are dear to her heart — and she expectedly condemned Weinstein’s actions — while offering support to fellow co-star Matt Damon — who she emphatically vouches for:

It’s troublesome that Chastain made the decision to support Damon’s statement that seemingly absolves him of the guilt of having prior knowledge of his mentor’s destructive habits. Whether or not she’s convinced that The Martian star was in the dark — isn’t relevant — what matters is the message she sends to the women who felt powerless when it happened.

The range of theories — mixed in with what could be marginally classified as facts — tends to make all that content blurry and almost impossible to contain without leaks and stains.

The only way out — is to focus on the victims — as they work hard to rebuild their trust through the empowerment of defeating their attacker with the truth — and the potent exposure that can reduce any Hollywood mogul to a storied recluse — operating through aliases.

Chastain and others with similar mindsets — should let the former “golden boys of Hollywood” fight their own battles for once — and instead uplift the powerless by joining forces to redefine the power of sex — and why it can’t continue to wield the level of toxicity that commands privileged bullies into positions of gross misconduct.

The worst thing ever — is pouring it all out — with the hopes of love and understanding — and ending up with a dull stare and a generic response that leaves you mentally wrecked with deeper wounds.

Many of us can attest to that weary disposition and that’s why we can’t get carried away by the endless updates and non-stop streams of the bloated figure and his messy portfolio — as well as the onslaught of social analysts and legal experts — plus people like me that can’t ever shut up.

It’s about the powerless and how the power of sex has a long history of ruining everything — when the act of filthy coercion goes awry.

This is the opportunity to clean house. The time for change is now. So, let’s not fuck it up.

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