How do you define nothingness?

A layered hole with jagged entries that bite spirit of inhabitants.

Every breath requires penance for feelings.

Livened images move according to sorrow.

When they laugh you cry, when they move, you are heavily still.

Departed homebodies don’t entertain thoughts.

Merciless hours slide away as evidence of exits.

Shame of grief gives strangers in collages of activity, symbolic reassignment

You recreate scheduled scenarios with excellent violence.

It all came crashing down in an instant; life rejuvenated in ashes

How do we scream with closed lips, and slippery vision, defining echoes of pain?

It was meant to be.

Shallows of constructing bosoms for senseless happenings ends with murkiness.

God’s Plan.

As passengers of darkened runways with fear as headlights, heavenly matter is dull.

Burials of soulfulness, embed fiery ground with dices of names renewed.

Streams of thoughts hit traffic, as the fogginess of interpretation carries a frozen compass.

It’s the journey on faith that shocks when you least expect.

When you attempt to level the vessel into the groove of steadiness.

It all comes down to nothing.

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