When Society Attacks, Black Women Are Never Off Limits

It’s time for that to change

Ezinne Ukoha
5 min readMar 29, 2017


When you Google a search for “Black Women Are Ugly” — you get a plethora of articles that contain information that have been formulated to convince you why Black women don’t measure up to their counterparts.

Surprisingly, the piece that I wrote last summer in retaliation for the shit SNL cast member, Leslie Jones was being delivered at the behest of the disgustingly vile Milo Yiannopoulos, a former editor at the infamous Breitbart — and a proud White supremacist — who encouraged the thunderous online brutalization of Jones — made the top two results.

The gem that takes the first slot is an interesting article from 2011 — that was featured in The Huffington Post, and was perfectly aggregated by a White woman (of course no Black writer would ever dare).

It is a disarmingly potent offering that quickly and effectively distributes the findings of a former blogger for Psychology Today and current employee of the London School of Economics — Satoshi Kanazawa.

Kanazawa is described as an “evolutionary psychologist” and therefore seems to have a pulse on how and why we are what we are compared to others that aren’t exactly in the same realm.

According to the American-British guy with a Japanese sounding name — Black women are far less attractive than non-Black women because we boast higher amounts of testosterone, which tends to make our features “hard” and “mannish.”

The good news is that Kanazawa was able to conclude that Black men tend to lead the charge when it comes to male hotness.

But, Black women are sadly lacking, and this is a sentiment that continues to haunt us regardless of whether there is any level of truth to such remarkably trite observations.

I recently penned a fuck you letter condemning the actions of actor/singer Tyrese Gibson after he posted a rage-filled rant directed at Black women, in which he proceeded to mock our grooming habits and publicly demean our features in relation to the choices we make and why we make them.

Black men punishing Black women for not living up to the expected blueprint is nothing new. Whenever a Black male celeb ties the knot or hits the town under the glare of flashing lights — it’s understood that the woman on his arm will be racially ambiguous or White.

Interracial dating is never a bad thing — in fact I’m all for it. As an equal opportunity dater — there is nothing I detest more than limitations in the bedroom.

However, we can’t pretend that a lot of Black men with bloated bank accounts and screaming fans — don’t feel the pressure to pursue the type of woman that matches a lifestyle of glitz and glamour.

The exotic types with hair that sexily glistens after a dip in the infinity pool, skin that darkens to the tone of a lazy latte, and the promise that the children will be saved by their mama’s superior lineage.

Women like me, that don’t have the support of “Indian blood” or distant relatives that could’ve saved us from the fate of being “regular,” have to contend with being viewed as the options you avoid when you hit the big time — and need to make a statement.

Yes, when you have so-called academics spewing out their trashy analysis and publications readily sharing the nonsense under the guise of merely quoting words that have no meaning — it’s hard for the lies not to stick.

As a Black woman, I have a lot of work to do when it comes to cleaning up other people’s messes.

Not too long ago — I again when to battle with Cosmopolitan Magazine — over a piece that the online pub has consistently published verbatim for the past three years.

In it, readers are once again treated to the exploits of a scientist who swears that the top ten most beautiful women in the world are basically all White with a couple of exotic types thrown in for good measure.

No Black woman made the cut — for obvious reasons.

The grievance against Black women is a sport that men enjoy with a douse of loathing that requires a deep dive.

The sickening language that is assigned and the particular attention to detail seems to convey a tally of embarrassed reproach towards the subject — as if wanting her would somehow invalidate your disposition.

Publicly dehumanizing Black women is allowed and encouraged because as wild creatures with untamed tresses and hips that don’t lie — we represent the opposite of what separates us from the pack.

Therefore it is unpreventable to disassociate us from the climate of “jungle fever” and the animals that roam freely without the security of a cage.

The greatest athlete in the world, Serena Williams is demolished for her appearance and constantly dodges the ball that hits her with defiance — over the fact that she resembles a primate.

A weathered politician from New York, verbally assaults former First Lady, Michelle Obama while she’s still in office, by hoping that she:

“returns to being male, so she can be let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.”

An over-the-hill television host who works for a network that thrives off of the viewership of White supremacists — openly disrespects the appearance of Congresswoman Maxine Waters — who astutely refuses to hide her disapproval of President Trump and his tainted administration.

Bill O’Reilly’s only rebuttal was to sheepishly declare that Water’s hair reminded him of iconic crooner James Brown.

“I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig.”

Trump’s America hides under James Brown’s wig.

After conceding to the swift judgment of social media — O’Reilly reluctantly apologized by claiming that his joke about her hair was “dumb.”

When society attacks, Black women are never off limits, and as I’m sure you will agree — this has to come to an abrupt end.

Black men — marry your non-Black wives by all means — but refrain from calculatingly taunting us with your merciless tantrums that have very little to do with us and everything to do with why you can’t stand being who are with the one you love.

White men — watch your tongue and stop evading the real reason why it feels more comfortable lumping us with animals of prey when you know deep down inside all the reasons why that makes you feel cowardly superior.

Scientists and researchers with too much time on their hands need to study how and why Black women remain so youthful and tight compared to their non-White competition.

Maybe it’s the magic down there, the skin that gloriously deceives and the eyes that laser through the bullshit of our lives.

A change is gonna come and if our men won’t initiate it — we will.