When Society Attacks, Black Women Are Never Off Limits

It’s time for that to change

When you Google a search for “Black Women Are Ugly” — you get a plethora of articles that contain information that have been formulated to convince you why Black women don’t measure up to their counterparts.

As a Black woman, I have a lot of work to do when it comes to cleaning up other people’s messes.

Not too long ago — I again when to battle with Cosmopolitan Magazine — over a piece that the online pub has consistently published verbatim for the past three years.

The grievance against Black women is a sport that men enjoy with a douse of loathing that requires a deep dive.

The sickening language that is assigned and the particular attention to detail seems to convey a tally of embarrassed reproach towards the subject — as if wanting her would somehow invalidate your disposition.

Trump’s America hides under James Brown’s wig.

When society attacks, Black women are never off limits, and as I’m sure you will agree — this has to come to an abrupt end.

Black men — marry your non-Black wives by all means — but refrain from calculatingly taunting us with your merciless tantrums that have very little to do with us and everything to do with why you can’t stand being who are with the one you love.

A change is gonna come and if our men won’t initiate it — we will.