When Kids are Blown to Bits — You Know We’re Fucked Up

When Sandy Hook happened — I was appalled and blindsided. I grew up in a culture that heralds the gems of little ones and the older tropes.

The wiser folk have gained knowledge through the testimonies that alight the reason why they deserve our complete attention and respect.

The young herds demand everything we’ve got to lock them into the promise that they will grow up to be bad asses — doing it the way we only wish we could.

They are the future. They hold the answers to mysteries that keep us eternally conflicted.

Little children have to be treated with care.

When Sandy Hook happened back in December, 2012 — it was as if the planet had shifted off kilter. No way could a gunman shoot down 20 kids who weren’t even up to ten years of age.

Impossible. Incomprehensible. Unimaginable. Grotesque. Horrific. Painful.

The aftermath convinced me that we had reached a turning point as Americans.

Never. Ever. Again. Would gun violence be tolerated as a consequential institution. This was the unfortunate sign that we had failed as a progressive society.

Change was going to come.

It’s 2016 and nothing has changed.

Instead — more blood has been shed and more is on the way to clog the gutters that haven’t yet dispensed with the matter that still paints the vents of imprisonment.

There is much-ado about an act of defiance — staged by veteran civil rights activist John Lewis who is leading a team of Democrats into the man cave of “No bill, no break” in an effort to rile up the hardened disposition of Republicans who would rather finalize summer vacation plans — in favor of figuring out how being American translated to a culture that would outrun the fiery nature of the Wild, Wild West.

Politicians don’t give a rats ass about your rights unless it infringes on their ability to guarantee that their firstborn will be securely employed at the Private Bank of JP Morgan Chase.

Family traditions matter when you are profiting from the loss of citizens who pay you a shit load of dough to do what you were assigned.

But, no matter. Karma is a mega bitch. But she takes too long to suffocate the bastards.

Which means for now — church-going heathens with burnt up souls and a whole lotta cash — will continue to allow seven-year-olds to be pummeled with bullets until whenever.

While law-abiding adults with the conscious and lever of humanity continue to initiate a never ending battle that only breeds contempt and disillusionment.

There is no way we will survive this war, because when kids are blown to bits on our watch — you know beyond any reasonable doubt that we are fucked up.

And nothing in the world we were born in will change that.


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