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When It Comes To The Media, Only Donald Trump and White Folk Will Do

It’s hard out there for a pimp these days. It just ain’t easy! Just ask the media outlets that are doing everything imaginable to keep from sinking under the weight of insignificance.

That’s a scary place to be, especially in these times. Everything we post, tweet, like, retweet and add to our collection of selfies can literally either make or break us into a million pathetic pieces.

The editors from reputable publications throw their weight around in a space that is catered to their particular brand of condescending offerings. The ones who pledge allegiance to Black Twitter are the worst of them all. They use the forum to bully, belittle and mock anyone who refuses to adhere to the notion that they shouldn’t think for themselves or formulate their own opinion.

But we accommodate the abuse because at the end of the day Black Twitter and Black media work tirelessly to ensure that justice is rendered for the poor souls in our community that don’t ever stand a chance unless their plight goes viral.

The menacingly disgusting former Oklahoma City police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw who systematically raped and destroyed the lives of thirteen black women was found guilty on Thursday and the all white jury advised that he should be spend 263 years in prison. He will be sentenced on Jan. 21.

The day he got fucked for life happened to be his 29th birthday, which only the heavens could’ve, have ordained. What were the odds that he would get such devastating news the day he made his entrance into this world?

This is a major victory for the recipients of his vile thrusts and humiliating dalliances with the parts of him that he forced on them.

Holtzclaw’s crimes really manifested the nightmares of the women from my past. A past that I was privy to in present spirit because their cries for mercy ring in my ears periodically. I hear them relent in willful submission because their master promises the luxuries of life that are at best basic in exchange for that warm hole that fills them in the dead of night.

The women he believed had nothing to offer society because they are poor black women and he was a white man with a badge who could do whatever the hell he pleased because that is the American Way.

Well, America has spoken and he is out of luck. But the women he devoured will never be able to restore themselves back to their original settings.

Anyone who has been abused can attest to that. What happened to them is beyond comprehension. The only reason we are able to internalize the nightmare is because social media has given us the tools to look at fucked up shit squarely in the eye and not falter because there isn’t really a whole lot that we haven’t been privy to — thanks to the ever-zealous media.

Speaking of the media — where were they during this whole thing? Black media was on top of it in full scale and of course the self-designated freedom fighters were working overtime to feed their followers the juice of truth.

When the verdict became official — my timeline erupted in celebration and then I made the rounds and noticed that certain news organizations weren’t very interested in the item of the night.

They were too busy tracking Donald Trumps’s whereabouts and keeping us abreast about the updated status of Taylor Swift.

The rejection from Fox News wasn’t much of a surprise — but it did sting that they could be so obviously biased when it comes to maintaining their standards of “lily-white” coverage.

Then of course we have MSNBC — the ultimate poser. They present themselves as news leaders but are really under a veil of supreme falsehood. They refused to announce the verdict until it became apparent that they had to in order to avoid the wrath of their vile negligence. CNBC preferred to stay far, far away and settled with hedge funds and acquisitions.

I can’t shake this sick feeling that if these had been white women, regardless of their back-story — they would be embraced and cuddled by the media at large.

ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNN, and CBS — you name it — they would all be clamoring to get the first interview. Barbara Walters would end the year with a bang by garnering the exclusive — a feat that only she can secure. Even Oprah would take a break from her bad acting exercises to get OWN to recruit the story of these vandalized women under the tutelage of Iyanla.

But as we all know — black women don’t share the same privileges as their white counterparts. Far from it. Even black men join in the festivities instituted to wear us down both emotionally and physically. It is an instinctual drive that can’t ever be quenched.

All we can do is manage the symptoms, but it is highly unfair that American citizens can be reduced to rubble and still garner very little attention in the face of their unfathomable circumstances.

But news outlets needs Trump because without him — how could they ever survive? He’s the “breaking news” all day everyday.

When it comes to the media — only white folk will do — and that’s not okay with me. And it shouldn’t be for you either.

#BlackWomenMatter #BlackLives Matter #AmericaTheUgly

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