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When It Comes To School Shootings, Lets Leave God Out Of It

President Trump tweeted his reaction to the latest national tragedy — that is currently unfolding. It involves the familiar scenario of a gunman — busting up a class in session — before opening fire — and killing some of the students and staff — thereby initiating the level of chaos that we’ve become woefully accustomed to.

It’s hard to read that tweet without shaking with rage at the audacity of a man who is in a position to end this nightmare — but prefers to casually put all the responsibility on God.

The supreme being who either dwells in the sky and observes from above or is literally wherever we are — standing by our side as we fall to the ground to dodge the avalanche of bullets — that never seem to puncture the belief of a seemingly overwhelmed “protector.”

Trump does it again — when he briefly addresses the matter before getting on with the business of running the country to the ground.

I firmly believe that when it comes to school shootings — we need to leave God out of it.

The president’s damaging rhetoric has astutely followed the principles of mad men in positions of power — particularly those who claim to be performing in the name of The Almighty. We don’t have to get into the layers of betrayal that have kept the Catholic Church in business at the expense of innocent souls — who have been ravaged by the devilish tendencies of human nature.

For someone like Trump — to pompously declare the need for school prayer to be re-instituted as a way to ensure that the country stands a chance of getting back to its “greatness” — after Obama buried us in sinful debris — is laughable.

But — better yet is his disgustingly atrocious performance during the National Prayer Breakfast — at the start of 2018 — where he seized the opportunity to re-emphasize his exclusionary tactics — by illustrating how the worth of citizens is contingent on whether or not you’re in the business of “Praising God” as opposed to the daily recital of “Allah be Praised” or any other forms of worship that aren’t recognized in the holy grail of the Anglo-Saxon culture.

“So today we praise God for how truly blessed we are to be American.”

It’s ironic that the most unholy of men — are always overly eager when it comes to vocally exalting God above all others — in ways that are meant to justify their obnoxiously crude nature.

The brutality of using the word of the Lord as a tool to weaponize and demonize those who weren’t baptized with biblical names and aren’t in the habit of dressing up for the purpose of enduring an hour-long service — featuring a robed traitor who uses his quarters as the site to relieve himself on the bodies of angels — who will likely mature into that sacred tradition — is the stuff that only cowards can embrace.

Former president Barack Obama spent most of his presidency being terrorized by Trump — who spread the word about his Un-American stance as a Muslim — pretending to be a church-going family man — in order to maintain his title as the most powerful man in the world.

As America suffers from the virus of being “Great Again” under the regime of a White supremacist who supports child molesters and wife beaters — and would rather retain his good standing with an organization that accumulates its wealth from the bloodshed of young Americans that God cursed — we can’t afford to hide under a coverless shield.

If there really is a God — I have to believe that He or She isn’t interested in being the primary source of ammunition — each time bullets are offloaded in classrooms — containing precious cargo.

The best people alive — are the ones with dispositions — disciplined enough to do the work that’s necessary to seamlessly produce the results that illustrate the invaluableness of mankind — and how that needs to be secured — at all costs.

God will not bless any of us under an administration that operates with the guarantee that the very lives at stake will perish for the sins of a country — that was built from the banishment and enslavement of a population that still remains under siege.

As we watch the young survivors of yet another massacre — succumb to the blindingly deceptive spotlight — as the dead bodies of their classmates are transported for identification — and law makers robotically echo their leader’s prayers for God’s mercy — the numbness systematically settles in for the days ahead.

We’re forced to grab whatever provides the spiritual milk that enriches and revives without the prejudice of birth certificates or language. The gods aren’t stationed in heaven — and they’re not stalking us with their invisibility.

They’re fastened in the vessels of enlightenment that gradually nourish our pores. We don’t have to speak it. It has already been written.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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