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Love kills

When It Comes To Black Children, The System Doesn’t Give a Damn

The horrific story about the six children of color (five were Black and one Hispanic) who were involved in a mysterious car crash after their SUV being driven by one of their adoptive parents plunged off a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean — has taken an even darker turn as investigators examine evidence that indicates “the crash was intentional.”

One of the girls flat out told her neighbor that she was being abused.

Then we have so-called friends who only kept in touch via Facebook — spewing out their truths based on the false identities that social media provides for the benefit of those who prefer to be duped by scheduled posts — that are meant to hide the betrayal leaking from the portraits.

When it comes to Black children, the system doesn’t give a damn.

And apparently neither does the media. Ever since the story made headlines — there has been very little attempt to push further into the possibilities — by scoping out sources and retrieving pertinent information that should lead us closer to the answers that are still pending.

And so — we discover that the kids aren’t alright.

And ever since the breaking news — we are still as confused as ever. Nobody knows shit. The updated articles keep recycling old shit and the new shit is shit we already knew.

Who should we see about that?

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