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When Christians Mistake Evil For Righteousness

Even God can’t stand it

My parents are hooked on WhatsApp like something awful, and while some of the videos are mildly entertaining, and shared images seamlessly link family members across the universe — there’s also the darker side of engagement that’s delivered from long-time friends — who are driven by the urgent need to send reminders that begin with the nonsensical need to “Pray for Trump.”

These so-called Christians are dipped in the stench of performative elitism even as they profess to love God, and are still willing to hate anyone and anything that doesn’t align with their crippling narrow-minded views — that only expose deeper wounds in a spirit that’s infected with the disease of emotional displacement.

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, I was privy to this suffocating climate of bedazzled falsehood, that was carefully trimmed into shapes that were meant to match the pages of the Holy Bible — as the ancient words would systematically undergo periodic renovations to accommodate the broader judgments being unleashed as the proper response to an evolving world.

It’s amazing how the name of the Lord is assaulted in the singed name of the devil’s work, and that might explain why Lucifer’s agenda wasn’t all that demonic.

The demons are the well-presented elite, who are willing to praise God for his goodness, while asking for the blessings that they believe they deserve as the reward for cursing out those who embody a lifestyle that they find revolting — simply because of their inability to manage any level of self-fulfillment.

The demons are the unrelenting believers who truly believe that God purposely gave us a heartless manipulator with a penchant for threatening the lives of those he deems as conveniently inferior — as a way to protect us from the virus of free will — and the temptation of engaging in sexual acts that violate the code of the cross-bearing population who are drowning in a pool of sexual repression.

The demons are the well-suited liars, who use their head-to-toe sheen as normalized blinders for hapless followers — who congregate to internalize the distorted word of God that echoes the manipulative messaging — bequeathing a one-way ticket to guilt-trips that secure a mega-lifestyle for the mafia of a religion that the Holy Trinity doesn’t recognize.

The demons are the well-clothed men in cushy robes that hide countless bodies that have been wrapped in the warmth of betrayal that only gets hotter until it boils over. It ends up spilling into the chill of injustice and the loneliness that our Lord and Savior will not avenge when the world ends.

The demon is the man of God called the Pope, who was ordained for a station that sports the numerous cracks of centuries, and how his complicit non-interference still affords him an audience with souls that have been ghastly wrecked by the robotic allegiance to a methodical mind-fuck. This abuse has fucked over more bodies than we can fathom — and yet we beg the Virgin Mary and hosts of saints to cure the incurable.

The demon is the White man named Pat Robertson, who founded a profitable lair and called it the Christian Broadcasting Network, and from that cave of evil, we’re entertained with the proof of why Christianity was never going to survive the brutality of humans.

The sunken figure uses his platform to scorch the earth by championing the divisive climate under the tutelage of the leader that he swears is the soldier of a God. This higher power has been hampered by the very weapons that he created and then destroyed before perfecting the cycle.

Robertson is the prince of the evangelicals who can’t hold his tongue when it comes to devaluing a human life by praising the worth of million dollar deals from the frigid handshakes of Saudi royalty, and how these agreements symbolize the ultimate strength and soulfulness of the kingdom of heaven.

When Christians mistake evil for righteousness, it’s never a mistake, but rather the unforgivable sin that even God can’t bear to witness.

When the friends of my parents declare Donald Trump the candidate who arrived just in time to cleanse evil cells that give God a bad name with the adherence to activities that are revolting enough to encourage tendencies towards devil-worship — that’s the very definition of why Christianity isn’t the religion of our salvation.

“Praying for Trump” is not the valiant answer that will solve the fuckery of how church-going folks can’t stand the notion that sex isn’t a controllable force that designates who we can fuck and why.

The Catholic Church has already slaughtered enough souls under the pretense that sexual engagement can’t be considered a way of life for men who are cursed with the inability to efficiently forgo those necessary pleasures.

The meek shall inherit the earth, and when they do the revolution will begin with the release of enslaved minds — and the reversion of the bible verses that were translated to enrich sleazy businessmen and the robed gods who make Lucifer seem like the tragically misunderstood brethren.

There are no Christians — just the Christ-like wannabes who God himself can’t stand.

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