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What’s With The Cooking Lessons and Workout Videos on Instagram?

Influencing overload

My Instagram feed has been overwhelmed by images of eager-minded, energetic influencers or self-proclaimed life experts who are capitalizing on this stormy climate as if their very lives depend on how many new followers they can amass for the incoming next frontier.

Celebrities aren’t any less invasive or annoying but that’s a convo for next time, if we survive long enough to dissect.

I can’t help but wonder where the performative crowd that actively engages in relentless uploads of demonstrative culinary skills, accompanied by mid-morning exercise routines, acquired the mindset that their over-shared indulges are somehow revolutionary and worthy of daily reminders.

There’s really nowhere to blissfully hide from this ongoing nightmare that keeps getting deadlier by the minute. Streaming the new season of Good Girls while unexpectedly dying from laughter due to the antics of the older girls on Real Housewives of New York City does help to provide temporary relief.

But Twitter is even more unbearable than before with exposed sections of active battles that run the gamut from bloody dragging of a successful TV showrunner who hates dark-skinned Black people to the heightened bad blood between wrongly accused Millennials and the vulnerable generation that don’t want to die because of the gross negligence of Generation Z.

Instagram used to supply the reprieve from a maddened, sickly world itching closer to extinction, but the escapism into the expansive gluttony of propelled narcissism has taken on a more traitorous role that exposes how those pesky blue ticks mislead holders into embarrassingly believing their non-existent originality.

As it turns out, when it matter most, over-hyped influencers who are obviously situated in a galaxy that caters to their methodical delusions, really don’t possess the winning attributes that have afforded them the glittery statuses that weren’t earned in the first place.

The true test of a bonafide originator commences when we’re all on equal footing during mandatory confinement to ward off the threats of a global epidemic that can be deterred if residents don’t leave home if they can help it.

Of course for the lucky group who aren’t in danger of suffering irrevocable repercussions stemming from the indefinite halt to the 9 to 5 grind, the new normal of “social distancing” can be carried out to online public forums that are perfectly suited for 24/7 programming.

We already know that you don’t need much to be viral royalty, as long as an impressive crowd endorses your unremarkable debut.

But now more than ever, my timeline is clogged with various renditions of what it means to be barricaded indoors with nothing but the insatiable need to be heralded for trendy ways of making use of all that extra time.

Hustle mode suggests maximizing profitable increments of open space to inspire with splashy evidence of how simple dishes, that most of us whip up without much thought, looks particularly ravishing when eye-popping number of “likes” responding to the award-winning arrangement enhance bankability,

My favorite has to be the plethora of workout sessions that mimic what has been floating around the YouTube universe since that concept was conceived.

It’s a whole new movement that’s picking up speed because of how thinking alike is contagious, and influencers are stuck on the falsehood of how their branded delivery somehow differentiates them from the rest of the pack; that also relies on fundamentals from the Cooking Channel and lifestyle segments on Daytime TV staples.

Yes, acquiring a new recipe and the ability to burn calories in your impossibly tiny studio apartment via the whiz kids of social media is one way to prevent the danger of going stir crazy.

But as we get further into treacherous territory, it’s become clear that what used to be deemed “normal” has now become a luxury of those who can afford to dance to their hearts content while working on their next project about how to ambitiously weather the deadliness of a biblical plague.

Some of Instagram’s A-listers attempt to share words of wisdom and entice followers into signing up for more from where that came from, while others are wedded to plastering simmering clips of steaming dishes to compliment evidence of burned calories from earlier in the day.

It occurred to me after receiving an unexpected and much-needed monetary blessing from someone I haven’t even met in person, that those who profess to be in positions of power, thanks to unyielding followers, are maybe struggling with the basics of human decency, instinctive kindness and consideration.

Some hours ago, an email entered my inbox and the message reinforced the due date for rent, and how despite our national crisis that shows zero signs of improvement, renters are obligated to make it happen by any means necessary.

Luckily, my problematic situation is somewhat manageable compared to others who are literally counting down the days until their depleted resources tosses them onto the cold, hard concrete of shame and disillusionment.

It’s quite challenging to summon an ounce of interest in the lively and lucrative pursuits of influencers, when your whole world is crashing down, with no anchor in sight.

Instead of the avalanche of culinary instructions and tips for how to stay fit indoors, maybe we can switch it up a bit with tangible methods of mental and even financial support for those who are less fortunate, but still willing to provide award-winning “views.”

If you’re able to be greet each day with infectious optimism, and you have a massive platform that affords you that pleasure, perhaps you can extend your good fortune in ways that benefit followers who are barely able to build a grocery list.

Clearly great minds don’t always think alike, and that’s definitely the case when you examine viral retweets and reposts of images that illustrate the buzzkill of one-track-minds.

Influencing overload is the gimmick of the moment, but will it change?

Can it change?

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