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It’s okay, Blue. “Breathe Easy.”

What We Can Learn From Blue Ivy About The Chilliness Of Award Shows

Aside from the trending item featuring a rat taking a vigorous shower in some random outhouse in Peru — Sunday night proved to be pretty uneventful as another award show with cheating prominence made another attempt to uplift the validity of an establishment — that is currently suffering from the potency of accumulated accountability.

The Globes went for the “all-black” attire and a parade of victims, protesters, and movement initiators as a way to assuage the climate of urgency that typically can’t tolerate the pompous cost of celebrities — that despite the outcry — are forever attached to the rules of stardom that will continuously challenge their big moves.

The Grammys went for a more demure approach with the floral badge that served as the reminder of how an industry that is seeped in the chronic practice of misogyny and misogynoir — still manages to stage one night of reckoning even if the end result proved beyond a doubt that change isn’t coming — any time soon.

Only one woman walked away with a Grammy. Alessia Cara managed to snag the Best New Artist award. It gets even more dire when you consider that out of a total of 84 awards — only 11 were bequeathed to women. The New York Times also provided a startling statistic that proves that in the last 6 years — out of 899 artists that have received nominations — “only 9 percent of them were women.”

Aside from this sobering information — there’s also the nagging evidence that award shows aren’t instituted to be fair or even reasonable. It’s all politics wrapped up in a bow of systematic imprisonment — created by the false narrative that dictates how we reward those who excel enough to afford the privilege.

From The Oscars to The Emmys to all the other prominent ceremonies that almost never get it right in the assigned categories and the names that are checked for recognition — there’s no way to hide the disorganization that necessitates queries on how or why it’s even all relevant — anymore.

Sometimes it takes the disposition of a six-year-old mogul in the making to convincingly convey the attitude that perfectly matches the chilliness of an environment that she was born to slay — but would rather adorably shame without filters — because kids aren’t built for lies.

Her father didn’t walk out with any awards despite all the hype — and most likely his fate lies in the “honorary fare” that is dished out to those who live long enough to warrant the final shoutout. Her mother was glamorously decked out in resistance-wear which probably explains why Blue Ivy was on alert the whole night with the mission of keeping her ultra-famous parents in check.

“Blue Magic”

Jay Z may have had an issue with his daughter’s blissful nonchalance and comical vibes that were demonstrated throughout the telecast — but it appears that the most impressive tyke in the universe has enough sense to comprehend the immensity of the work ahead — and you can’t blame her for being fidgety and impatient with the worn out regalia — threatening to blind her assessment.

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Still not “Feelin’ It”

The truth is that Blue Ivy is going to use the clips and images of her childhood appearances to enhance the code of her message when she becomes one of the soldiers of progress — that will re-shape the currently damaged landscape into the peaks of victory for those who will be lucky enough to experience that renaissance.

For now — we have to weather the temps of gross contentment towards solid acts that are glaringly epic in delivery with the extra boot of social conscience that gives the themes of injustice the highlighted treatment it deserves.

When someone of this stature says this:

In response to this:

That’s when it becomes clear how the powerful arches of artistic freedom can bare witness to a melodious revolution that can render even the most sophisticated — unnervingly perplexed at the audacity of such a noisy insertion. Haley’s critique is stunning when you consider her heritage and the weightiness of how that should apply to the work she does as a representative of a country — that is being led by a administration that is vehemently opposed to the notion of the pollution of extra Black and Brown bodies — extracted from “shitholes.”

You can’t fake the funk.

Hillary Clinton’s outing was mightily appreciated not just for gawkers — but also for her health. All bets are off in this ugly war — which means you can’t “love music without the politics thrown in it” because that would mean you’re dead.

You also can’t sit through the itinerary of the classic and the newbies with moments of activism thrown in — without wondering how the losers peel themselves from the familiar place with enough energy to come back for more.

No matter the heavy-lifting Bruno Mars had to do by the end of the night — or how Kendrick Lamar felt after garnering his long-awaited due — the real winner of what turned out to be another low-rated affair was the girl with the right attitude — who will never have to wait for the endorsement of older white men with bad teeth — before her worth lights up the stage.

She’s Blue Ivy. She’s chill. The awards shit? Not so much.

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