An “old man” reports for duty

What The Treacherous Media Coverage of The Mueller Hearing Reveals For 2020

Turns out, even old men who are reluctantly thrust into the spotlight, to carry the burden that was borne from the tempestuous climate of lawlessness and the unsalvageable divisiveness, can’t escape the weightiness of their wilted appearances and sunken features, against the backdrop of a high-stakes and intensely monitored hearing, in the presence of the House Judiciary Committee.

Such was the fate of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a decorated war hero, and patriot, who has spent two years immersed in the investigation of how the Russians managed to collide with, and almost destroy America’s most prized possession— our democracy.

The long road that led to the present, wasn’t without the hiccups of potholes and dangerous bumps, that began to erupt around the time when America willfully elected a White supremacist to succeed the historic era of the first-ever Black president.

The 2016 elections were brutal and intoxicatingly vile, as a stunned world watched in horror, as a former “super power” and “world police” switched codes in order to accommodate the grotesque view of a bullish thug with a rap sheet that is kept under wraps, by a system that was founded on the principles of White supremacy.

And so while it was clear that the awful loss that halted Hillary Clinton’s inefficient toiling for another history-making victory, was criminally derailed by Russian interference, through the open channels of social media platforms, that are constructed to propel the nefarious agendas of foreign detractors — the newly-minted administration was defiantly against the theory of collusion — because of how the violation nulls the validity of Trump’s presidency.

But regardless of where you stand in the never-ending arguments of whether or not the Russians did what they most certainly did do, you can’t deny that the state of our union is in really bad shape.

Based on the transcripts from Mueller’s testimony, we can all agree that not only was Trump not exonerated, but his presidency protects him from being held accountable. We also know that the Russian government was and still is a real threat, and based on Trump’s promise to replicate the deplorable decision to accept damning information about his Democratic rivals from foreign parties — we can assume that our clear and present danger won’t be defeated anytime soon.

The conversation anchored by the media after the televised hearing came to an end, immediately revolved around the lackluster performance of the leading man, as conservatives went into overdrive by ceremoniously mocking Democrats for failing to debut the blockbuster that would’ve resulted in the sequel of impeachment.

Even former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got in on the action with her deposits of tweets that laughably referred to her former boss as a “patriot,” which is an unfathomably reckless declaration, when you consider how President Trump infamously used his debut on the world stage as the prime opportunity to denounce the stellar reputation of his own intelligence agency, to solidify his love affair with Vladimir Putin.

The great divide in America runs wide and deep, and while Democrats and Republicans hash it out with the daggers from a weary nation, that thrives from seething rage, stemming from the fleeting demise of the American Dream — the media-at-large continues to reap the benefits from being utterly useless in an era that demands the level of excellence that moves mountains.

It was the sleuthing skills of seasoned and dedicated journalists that forced an obstinate Richard Nixon to resign the presidency. As much as we beg for those times to revisit us, we seem to forget the fundamentals of how and why those profound periods that formulated our democracy came to be.

As the 2020 elections fast approach, it’s impossible not to be tightly gripped by the growing fear of how the horror show of 2016 will not only be replayed, but the outcome will leave our ailing status — irrevocably bloodied.

Trump entered the White House with the cheerleading squad of White supremacists and the panting wonderment of an industry that couldn’t get enough of the hysteria that ballooned into the event of our lifetime.

And those vibes are responsible for the disgraceful coverage of the Mueller hearing by mainstream outlets, that have woefully succeeded in the task of blending in with their merciless rivals, when it comes to highlighting the petty, and wasting away the tangible items that are begging for attention.

Imagine that reputable cable networks like CNN, MSNBC, and the like, disastrously failed the test yet again, by giving conservatives exactly what they crave on a golden platter; as staple anchors sunk to a new low by attacking Robert Mueller’s weakened demeanor, which was lazily attributed to his advanced age.

Even reliable sources like The Washington Post couldn’t resist joining the bandwagon of toxic ageism by referring to Mueller as “a weary old man” whose best years are behind him.

The general sentiment is that when you’re that weathered and “weary,” your crippling disposition weakens the ability to recall those days of youthful vigor, that would’ve empowered the ability to deliver the fiery one-liners that match your hell-raising opponents.

CNN’s Jake Tapper disgustingly called out Mueller for being out of his element, due to not having a full understanding of the report that he evidently played a vital role composing. Tapper took the insults even further by pointing out how the old man on the stand seemed deaf at times, and concluded that Mueller’s ripe old age of 74, may have contributed to the moments when he seemed “not as well versed’ about the pertinent parts of the investigation.

NBC’s Chuck Todd added more insult to injury with his rebuke of Mueller as the unsightly disappointment, who was incapable of being the star of a competitive reality show, that needed the heavy dose of suspense from a vital and captivating performer, who would vibrantly rise to the occasion with sprays of fireworks to fete the curtain call.

Todd summed up Mueller’s restrained contribution with — “on optics, this was a disaster.”

The “optics” didn’t measure up to the inappropriateness of the Republicans, who resorted to screaming tantrums as the weapon of choice, which makes sense, when you consider how empty vessels tend to make the loudest noise, while those who possess a more substantive disposition, rely on their dignified composure to carry them through the bullshit.

Even famed documentarian and vocal critic of Trump and the Bush dynasties — Michael Moore, had the audacity to express his frustration with the “frail old man,” who the Democrats ill-advisedly thrust into the gauntlet that expectedly ate him alive because he was too damn old to lead the charge to victory, like he did in the good old days, when he was fit for service.

Of course, Fox News, and their lesser popular offshoots are over-the-moon as they witness the appalling disintegration of their defeated competitors, who have been stealthily empowering the poisonous narrative that helped get a self-professed White nationalist elected — and will undoubtedly do so again.

Here’s the thing, Robert Mueller did exactly what he predicted he would do when he was summoned and directed by Congress to appear before the entire world, and endure the grueling session of painstakingly providing concise answers that are meant to shed some light on what most Americans already know.

This was never supposed to be a theatrical feat of grand proportions, that would elicit the standing ovation for an American superhero with the star-spangled cape patriotically floating behind his age-defying template.

Mueller is a human being who has been under enormous pressure for longer than any of us could effectively weather without at least adding a decade to our years from the stress and duress of it all.

Mainstream’s media’s grossness that’s aimed to reduce Mueller to a puddle of worthlessness, based on his stoic and boringly disciplined presentation, that at times needed some buffering with the requests for clarity during the line of questioning, is not just the worst form of ageism, but it also validates the theories of how the illustriousness of journalism has sorely lost its way.

If this is the kind of behavior that we can expect during the coverage of the 2020 elections, then we can pretty much accept that Trump will be bestowed another term to finalize the mission of Making America White Again.

Shit is about to get real!

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