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What Should We Do About Kanye?

Kanye West is is a self-professed genius, and quite honestly it’s hard to refute that when you consider his catalogue of hits and wins, spanning almost two decades. And for me, it was the album with the infectious Monster, swirling in the beauty of epic collaborations and classic vibes with a twist.

A couple of years after the release of the masterpiece yet to be replicated by the artist himself, the reintroduction to the familial dynasty of reality TV was formalized.

Reeling from a short-lived, stormy marriage to the one and only Kris Humphries, the NBA basketball player, who looked good on paper, but ended up being the pit bull that Kris Jenner tried but failed to muzzle, it didn’t take long for Kim Kardashian to add “West” to her list of accomplishments.

In retrospect, it’s not hard to figure out how and why this ambitious love affair reignited. Ye’s torturous competitiveness, compelled his motivation to acquire his outfitted muse, who along with her replicants, pays a shitload of money to get closer to what’s unreachable.

He inexplicably credits her as the originator of the Black woman aesthetic that evidently carries more value than the real thing.

It was Kim herself who urged for unprecedented privacy when it came to filming her new husband, who had made it clear from the jump that he wasn’t interested in answering to his domineering and ruthless mother-in-law, who exerted her authority in order to secure more camera time for her stubborn son-in-law.

Fast forward to the present, and the “Kimye” brand has exploded into a domestic conglomerate, consisting of four adorable kids/Instagram models, notable acquisitions for strategic expansions, and the level of over-exposure that’s required to emphasize the “Kardashian” before “West.”

You can try to Keep Up With The Kardashians, but it’ll cost ya.

That’s probably why most are speculating that Ye’s apparent “mental breakdown” has a lot to do with the not so cryptic messages he offloaded on Twitter about his “Get Out” situation fueled by well-positioned captors.

Jay’s troubled lil bro has since issued a public apology to his wife of six years for the major snafu that went viral because of the personal detail, involving their first-born child that launched into the universe.

It happened during a staged rally for the “presidential candidate” who can afford the luxury of inhabiting a role that he sees himself feasibly perfecting.

He has since tweeted more incoherency.

It’s all encased in spotted splatters of coded wisdom, that don’t stand a chance of being unearthed against the backdrop of frazzled chaos, that leaves a mastermind trapped in the tumultous rollercoaster of brutal nostalgia, unveiled from the embrace of humanized ghosts.

So, what should we do about Kanye?

Seriously, nothing.

His admission about the longtime struggle with bipolar disorder makes it easier to attribute his bizarreness to the mental condition that afflicts millions of dwellers on planet earth.

But is there more to Ye’s disruptive process than meets the eye?

Media outlets are working hard to make the case for how Kanye West is being secretly groomed to actively assist Donald Trump in the dubious mission to Make America Great Again — Again.

MSNBC’s newest offering, The ReidOut hosted by Joy Reid, very recently spent time theorizing plausible scenarios centered around Kanye’s programmed psychological warfare, and how it’s being weaponized against him and the naive Black voters who will mindlessly follow.

It all sounds like a creepy, futuristic update of the political thriller, The Manchurian Candidate, featuring an iconic Black rapper, who was already compromised by vulnerabilities beyond his control, which makes him a convenient choice for a high-stakes experiment, that requires the magic chip lodged where it fits.

Yes, it’s actually unbearable to watch someone you still envision with symbolic reverence, gradually unravel and dissolve into an unrecognizable puddle of fragmented hysteria for a gawking and judgmental audience, who are torn between distant pity and disgust.

A lot of the published analysis pleads for those around Ye to do the right thing, for the love of all that’s holy. These desperate ploys are loudly revealing what the general consensus about mental illness typically conjures up, and so, yeah, there has to be the intervention, and the carting away of the subdued subject.

But do we really care about Kanye’s mental health?

Because if we do, wouldn’t the evidence showcase how we refrain from making an even bigger spectacle of the uncontrollable spin cycle?

Recall how similar elements of problematic coverage of a reality TV star turned Republican presidential nominee, ultimately proved to be the “must-see TV” that seduced the media-at-large into participating in Trump’s election strategy, which tragically paved the road to his unfathomable victory.

What should be done about Ye?

We can’t afford any of this shit. Period. That basically means getting a grip with a quickness because November is here already, and one of the heated races ever on record is between two old white men.

And in the real world, the one who has to win, won’t have to worry about losing Black votes to an imaginary contender.

Black folks who refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils will not be “diverted” by the antics of “Republican operatives.”

We need to leave Kanye alone. The dude has nothing to lose. Maybe he will break free from the “Kardashian curse,” maybe he won’t.

Either way, we gotta wish him the best.

The real question is:

What should we do about the mainstream media, and the screwed up priorities that could definitely reelect an incompetent oaf, who is an acute danger to our national security?

Your guess is as good as mine!

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