What It’s Like To Have A President Who Celebrates White Supremacy

It absolutely sucks to have a White man as president who is also a proud racist. As a Black woman living in a country that encourages White people to persistently harass or even shoot me dead if they feel like it — there’s a nagging need to rethink my stance of remaining in the United States.

I was born here while my parents were pursuing college degrees — and when they were done we moved to Lagos — Nigeria so that my younger brother and I could reconnect with our relatives and culture — in ways that were supposed to serve us well — once we were ready to return to the land of our birth.

My siblings and I — were constantly reminded about how lucky we were to have dual citizenship — and how even luckier we were to be Americans.

As I grew up and experienced the tumultous climate of the eighties that included numerous military coups — and a government riddled with the virus of bribery and corruption — I was absolutely certain that being an American was God’s greatest gift.

So — it’s ironic to be in a position where I’m seriously considering giving that gift back.

Within the last four years — there has been an avalanche of issues — plaguing the Black community — that have been direly sobering as we’re entertained with non-stop footage — depicting how very little our lives matter.

Of course — this isn’t a trend that has suddenly picked up steam — even though the media portrays it that way. My own father was almost killed twice back in the sixties and seventies — by over-zealous cops who needed to comprehend how he managed to score an invite to the home of a wealthy White family — nestled in an all-White enclave.

The graphic reportage of attacks on Black people — are taking its toll and as much as I would love to downplay that reality — I’m definitely approaching the part during the horror flick where I decide whether to keep my eyes open are shut.

The media can’t wait to post the latest incident — involving Black people in fucked up situations — ceremoniously created by White people who are empowered by the influence of their leader — a White man — positioned in the seat of power that he bought with blood money.

This man didn’t earn his wealth because like most impossibly rich White men — he was born into a dynasty that accrued gold through the thriving economy of slavery — that produced massive resources — and lavished civilization with the audacity to exist. There’s a very good reason why the distribution of riches is grossly disproportionate — and while White families with notable surnames would prefer to take credit as proof of their profitable investments — the currency of historical facts can’t ever be devalued for the polished arches of Whiteness.

Donald Trump’s outlandish rhetoric — arms him with the ability to irresponsibly wield his brutish mannerisms over those of us who are terrified of what could happen next. He has successfully rallied his base into replicants of his endearing faith — that is heightened by the belief of their superiority — which they can unapologetically celebrate — since their “ancestors tamed a continent” into submission.

After years of racial strife that deepened in the fifties and sixties and birthed the rise of civil rights leaders — who surrendered their lives for the duty of relentlessly sharing reminders — of how Black lives Matter through every imaginable outlet of protestation — it’s soberly symbolic — to encounter a climate that’s currently bleeding from the wounds of systemic intolerance.

Only White people from Scandinavian provinces like Norway are allowed to enter the United States without threat of gun violence — that is now flooding our borders and costing the lives of non-White victims — desperate to claim the authority to reject their inhumane existence.

Instead of a decent arrival — there is chaos and flying bullets — and the end result are dead bodies — mingling with what is considered live stock by your president — who is comfortable remaining silent about the twenty-year-old girl from Guatemala who was shot dead — by a veteran border patrol agent.

He has no qualms publicly praising the bravery of a White conservative bully who almost drowned after a heckler blasted her with a cup of water.

Having a White racist as president means having to exist in White America as a Black person — which isn’t a feat that is meant for the weak-minded — and even if you display an ounce of vulnerability — it has to be sheltered from the fear that you’re next in line to be feted with the dreaded honorable hashtag.

As White men complain about not having enough privilege to re-define the hacked value assigned to the term — “straight white male” — Black women like me have to contend with the fact that straight White male cops — will continue to exact crime and punishment in full view of negligent observers — who gleefully film us screaming in agony — as we get assaulted for being Black.

It’s wild as fuck having a White male president who only recognizes the heroic efforts of other White males and purposely ignores how a brave American managed to thwart the murderous vibes of a White male with a gun —who held a local Waffle House hostage until the Black man without a gun — overpowered him.

Having a White supremacist as president feels like a hard kick in the gut — as Black children are being shot in the gut by White cops who hate Blacks and also by straight White males who hate themselves.

These men are terrorizing classrooms — to fulfill the demands of their mental deficiency— which White people respect because they’re the only ones to fall into that category.

We all comprehend the epidemic of domestic terrorism and how the list of perpetrators — that resemble each other — seems to be growing by the week — and yet there’s a disturbingly quiet accommodation of this issue because of the immersion of Whiteness.

When you have a racist president — who is able to stay in The White House because he’s White — because if he were Black — he would’ve been thrown out on his ass by now — you can bet your bottom dollar — that White men will continue to run around with guns — and ravage the nation into a sick version of the Wild Wild West — without any pushback from law enforcement.

If it were Black men storming schools with assault rifles — gunning down White children with vengeful fury — you can best believe that the debate over gun control would yield to progressive pressure from the White guy in The White House — who was elected to protect the purity of White America — after the Black president almost performed the irreversible.

America is a soggy mess of blood and vomit with the peppery addition of a corrupt system of characters — that are positioned to ensure that President Trump continues to be the White supremacist with the freedom to force the NFL to regulate their prized players to locker rooms — if they ever feel the urge to express their disdain for a country that’s killing them.

Having a president who upholds White supremacy is the precise reason why White people can’t say the N-word. It’s why Black people are always on alert for gunmen — with or without badges. It’s why White privilege is the religion that kills.

It’s a supremely life-threatening disposition that’s worth kneeling for — the national anthem be damned.

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