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What Happened to The Case of The White Guy Who Killed a Bunch of People on October 1st?

Weeks have gone by since the blaring headlines of what has been categorized as the as the deadliest mass shooting by a lone gunman in U.S. history — and some other shit has gone down — to divert our attention away from this pending issue.

What the hell happened to the case of the White guy, who mysteriously killed a bunch of people on the first day of October?

I did some ambitious digging in the courtyard of Wikipedia, after receiving the update about his younger brother’s illegal habit. It was the wakeup call that never comes when you’re addicted to content — and the sleepy way it makes the yesterdays seem so far away — and the present unmatchable in urgency.

Stephen Paddock is faring way better than actual victims like Sandra Bland — who is listed as a former jailbird — while Paddock enjoys the honor of having his brain studied by students at Stanford University.

Even more aggravating is the fact that his page depicts him as an ordinary White American Male — with an ironic past — who held jobs in the federal government sector — before veering off to more profitable pursuits — that allowed him to comfortably embrace the world of gambling — with video poker — as his preference.

He lived a mostly nocturnal life, gambling after dark and sleeping during the day; he generally disliked being out in the sun.

There’s no cohesive explanation for why Paddock did what he did — but there’s the need to explore how a White person could commit such an act of violence. His brain will hopefully provide pertinent clues — so that we can rely on never again — being at the mercy of a White terrorist.

Sandra Bland’s page of identification isn’t as empathetically generous.

Even before her ill-fated arrest — Bland had already racked up “ten previous encounters with police in Illinois and Texas, and owed $7,579 in fines.”

Maybe she was high when she allegedly killed herself, because a high-level of THC was found in her system during the autopsy. There was speculation that perhaps she acquired cannabis while in jail — but that theory was converted to the assumption that she was a long-time user.

Either way — it’s naggingly bothersome to note how these two people are being officially documented.

The White guy who wasted his privilege and acquired resources on a fatal decision that ruined countless lives — is being treated with the respect of a human being who was triggered by a mysterious virus — that is currently under investigation with the aid of medical experts.

The Black woman who was violently grabbed from her vehicle and then tossed on the ground for being “argumentative and uncooperative during the arrest “— is classified as another “angry Black woman” who displayed the normal tendencies assigned to her kind.

Trump, will never consider the outcome of whether or not Stephen Paddock was indeed out of his fucking mind when he killed 58 people and injured over 500. The overall assessment will remain in the confines of protection — that is reserved for White men who behave very badly — even when the behavior is blatantly descriptive of a raving psychopath.

Bland, reads more like the train wreck who tried to survive in a society that was programmed against her, which explains why her luck ran out, after her forthrightness was perceived as “angry” — and she was removed from the streets that ended up killing her.

The case of the White man who lost his shit and decided to take others with him — is under lock and key.

There’s very little doubt that if a Black man had decided to rename Vegas — with bullet points — his brain would be rotting without the paperwork of further analysis — that is usually reserved for cases that can’t merely be chucked to the obvious diagnosis.

When Las Vegas was under attack and relentlessly trending — the fury was energetic and swift. Each outlet collectively pummeled readers with non-stop revisions — to include the killer’s fragile disposition a couple of months before the bloody massacre.

Remember this?

He was depressed, battled alcoholism and was severely depressed, which naturally explains how his now valuable brain cells — tragically scrambled into the road map of historical mayhem.

Bland, was just a Black woman — who questioned authority and paid the consequences for exercising the rights of a White woman.

This scenario isn’t nearly as frightening as the reality of how we quickly move on to the next tweet the Commander-in-Chief sends — from the golden crown cradling his ass cheeks.

The mixture of daily venom that mixes wth the delights of the hour that contain screen shots for back-and-forth ammunition — tends to blind us from the truth we didn’t seek — when the bulletin hit with forceful activity.

Stephen Paddock is now a scientific experiment in progress. His legacy will forever be enshrined in the sacrifice of another White male — who has the respect of dying in the line of fire.

The criminalization of a Black woman who didn’t even come close to breaking the law — will continue to plague the memory of Sandra Bland.

I know, all I do is talk about race and shed boo-hoo tears — each time I produce another topic that will surely amplify my noteworthy status as the “justice seeker.”

I write this stuff as a way to lessen the pain of discovery — in the midst of a trifling climate that only serves as the hub of pre-war activities.

I also wanted to let you know that the case of the White man who blew away a bunch of people on October 1st — is definitely closed.

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