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What Happened To Breonna Taylor Is A Criminal Offense

So why are her killers free?

We will be approaching the five-month mark in mid-September in memory of a young Black woman, Breonna Taylor, who was only twenty-six-years-old, when she was hit by a hail of gunfire from Louisville police officers, who launched a home invasion in the dead of night.

Her murder occurred on March 13, 2020, just as the coronavirus started waging war, and mandatory shutdowns were taking effect in key states across the country.

As with all the cases involving misconduct by law enforcement that bears a tragic ending for innocent Black victims, the details are murky and glaringly problematic. This reality exacerbates the pain of yet another senseless slaying, that the biased judicial system endorses with pats on the backs of badged terrorizers, who are gifted with indefinite paid vacation.

We know Louisville police issued a no-knock warrant for the apartment that Breonna Taylor shared with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

It was done to investigate the hub of suspicious activities allegedly conducted by two suspects, who were arranging to have boxes of shipped drugs delivered to that address. According to the police, a US Postal Inspector confirmed their story of a man receiving illegal shipments at the Taylor/Walker address, but that was later refuted.

The night of Breonna Taylor’s murder by Louisville police was the horrific series of events that began with the ramming down of the apartment door, and the subsequent gun battle between rogue officers and Walker, who was compelled to defend himself and his girlfriend. They were sleeping in bed before being violently interrupted by armed invaders.

Unsurprisingly, Louisville police officers adamantly denied their forced entry in an effort to vilify Kenneth Walker’s actions, which resulted in the injury of a policeman. Walker was arrested on site and charged with first-degree assault and attempted murder, but he was later released due to the threat of Covid-19, and the charges were dropped, pending the investigative results of the FBI and the Kentucky Attorney General’s office.

But consider that Walker’s release from jail was publicly rebuked by Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Steve Conrad, who seemed more concerned about protecting the uniformed thugs, who committed the crime of slaughtering an innocent Black woman in her own home, after forcing their way in without identifying themselves.

Every aspect of this harrowing ordeal is beyond frightening to say the least, but the nagging item that keeps me and many who share in my predicament, up at night is the nightmarish audacity, illustrating our proven expendability as law-abiding citizens, barely surviving a country that’s been rigged against us.

When we demand #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor it means so much more than shared hashtags and mission statements of Insta-stories because America’s adherence to the religion of white supremacy, guarantees that there’s absolutely no way in hell that a white woman can be killed in her own home by thuggish cops, who get away with her murder.

Yet, there are more than a handful of young Black women, who have suffered this fate, notably Korryn Gaines, 23, who was killed in a home invasion by Baltimore County Police Department in the summer of 2016.

Gaines was cradling her young son, while filming the terrifying incident as it unfolded, and the viral footage was posted on Facebook minutes before the shootout that left her dead and injured her child.

Expectedly, the young Black mother, who had pending warrants, including a traffic violation and failure to appear in court was demonized by the media and ignorant observers, who criticized the fact that she shot at the invaders who also had her five-year-old son in the line of fire.

Incredibly, those same critics never questioned the domestic terrorism that took the life of Korryn Gaines, who also had mental health challenges that were undoubtedly escalated by harassment from badged outlaws, who didn’t flinch in their quest to storm an apartment complex in Randallstown, Maryland on a summer afternoon to terrorize an American citizen over minor offenses.

#JusticeForKorrynGaines has been a long time coming, but with every step forward, the judicial system does its best to complicate the torturous process for loved ones fighting on her behalf. In the winter of 2019, a judge rescinded the $38 million settlement that was granted to the family of Korryn Gaines, but recently it was confirmed that an appeals court reinstated the verdict for the same amount.

Through it all, Black mothers diligently stay the course with the knowledge of how their hearts will break many more times to no avail.

Rhanda Dormeus, the bereaved mother of Korryn Gaines, said it best when she shared her gut-wrenching testimony as the Black mother of a Black daughter, who died from the horrors of police brutality:

“If she was a white girl, I think things would have been different. They would have handled her differently, they would have probably not taken her out to Burger King…But I think she would have walked out. I think she would’ve walked out and she would still be here.”

Protesters recently gathered at Cameron’s home in Louisville, chanting Breonna Taylor’s name with the mandate of spearheading justice for a young Black woman who wasn’t even safe in her own apartment.

What happened to Breonna Taylor is a criminal offense, so why are her killers free?

The plainclothes officers who fired the shots that ended Taylor’s life are able to be home with their families during a global pandemic, while the family they forever destroyed has to manage their grief, and fight tooth and nail to preserve the memory of their beloved.

Each day that passes by accumulates into months, and soon it will be a whole year without #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor in sight, and for most of us, that’s not a brutal truth we want to fathom as Black women in America, placed in the line of fire, regardless of background or heritage.

The waiting game is high risk. It’s always been that way.

In the meantime, the war rages on.

And change won’t come without dismantling the structures of white supremacy, that have permeated the headquarters of law enforcement.


Only then, can we begin to see embers of progress, with outstanding items handled accordingly.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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