Breezy sunning on a sprawling beach of white sand with the blazing love and vitamins in a swirl of luxurious laziness.

Cupcake with overload of icing, stuck perfectly for the first bite that teases more to come, and fills your mouth with sugary slushiness, tingling senses for eyes closed.

Platter of Fufu with steam sifting out, paired with Edikaikong soup and floaters of kpomo, bits of cow leg and stock fish, adding to robustness of a staple dish that makes you forget your name, even before your fingers round the ball for dipping.

A random child’s stare that provokes your heartbeat into matching a broader one, and dancing eyes that signal why we should be taught to care more.

One glass of a really good Cabernet. Smooth, deep, rich, soothing and enough in sips that get you to the bottom and back on top as the relaxer that shouldn’t be pushed too far.

A nice long day that starts off meditatively, and unfolds with the privacy of space that belongs to the owner, without interference and with the joys of mental architecture conjoined for forces of determination that have longevity.

Family members that love truly and a handful of friends that care without reservations. And reminders of the pack that was sacked for your own good.

Sleeping well. Soundly. The kind that makes you wiggle your toes with satisfaction under comforting covers. It’s the early morning without intrusive rays disturbing zen. The sky is smiling in accordance with overcast blessings of how you’ve earned your bliss.

The now and then, and what can be, as you thank yourself for growing wings that can you take anywhere.

If you can love like that — they will too.

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