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What Did Self-Isolation Reveal About You?

These unprecedented times definitely emphasizes the saying, we plan, God laughs.

It’s the best way to endorse the sick humor that unfolds at our expense, which explains why it’s never funny.

When 2020 hit, the dramatics of welcoming a brand new decade was an irresistible opportunity to end my streak of “playing it safe.” It was time to finally take necessary risks and move the needle towards the direction of advancement.

Both personally and professionally, there has been an urgency to get back into the world and scream loud enough to be heard in the sea of competitiveness, that scared me into hibernation for almost three years.

Remote work used to have such an appealing ring to it, especially when the requirements of living in New York City and Los Angeles meant exhaustive and tedious commutes, that would end in cursing the bad luck of being chained to the enslavement of a 9 to 5 grind.

But as it turns out, there are no wins in extremes, which is why the ambitious search for a well-balanced existence is a never-ending quest worth the deep exploration.

And that’s why these harrowing months of self-isolation and the mandate to keep our distance from each other so we have a fighting chance of surviving a deadly virus, has been an in depth session of self-discovery, within the dusty layers of purposed neglect.

It absolutely does take the end of the world as we knew it to inspire the formation of emotions that wouldn’t ordinarily hover for attention, if the complete shutdown of cyclical activities didn’t become the norm.

What did self-isolation reveal about who you?

My ability to concentrate and get things done has been hampered by the interference of streams of consciousness, that aim to derail efforts of meaningfully productive hours, during a time when nothing else will do.

Not only have I been forced to face down my crippling procrastination, but I’m also discovering my lack of patience and low tolerance for the things and people that threaten my state of mind.

Somehow, living on the edge with active threats to my existence and the wellbeing of loved ones, has increased my unwillingness to settle for bullshit in any form.

Time is of the essence.

That being said, the period of quarantining and observing the entire nation in shambles, and noticing severed global ties with a former “world police,” as well as the dire results from systemic racism and the injustice that remains, has consequentially birthed the desire to prioritize mission statements.

It’s refreshing to be unapologetically invested in what really matters, even if it means shedding stale relationships that are past due, and duly recognizing who or what isn’t working in your own best interest.

This re-introduction to the person you took for granted can be a refreshing entry when you consider how long it’s been and why the rest of your days on earth must be spent with the goal of mental nourishment.

You see things differently when your vision is restored.

Not all friendships aren’t designed to last based on history, especially when your future is at stake. Wish each other well and go back to living.

Family members will always be exactly that, but you don’t have to try if investments yield zero returns.

Reassessing your life’s goal and accepting what you can’t do anymore is scary, but at least you know what you will never be.

Finding something new isn’t the answer — improve what you are instead.

We are going to die, and there’s no way around it.

But regardless of what it meant to be here, the opportunity to experience it all is a privilege of a lifetime, and if you think nobody will miss you when you’re gone — you’re wrong.

In the meantime, we can strive to stay alive, by rewarding ourselves with a new outlook that will start once the bullish oaf is kicked out of the office he’s been defacing for long enough.

I guess the finally tally of the electoral votes will reveal who we are as Americans, after barely surviving the historic catastrophe of our lifetime with the quest for justice on behalf of those who didn’t.

There’s a lot to contend with before then, including the frightening uncertainty of what can’t be controlled or predicted.

But before daring to navigate this new normal, we must reconcile with our personal revisions and whether or not we are outfitted for challenges we can’t see.

I’m not sure about it.

Are you?

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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