Snapshot of the media industry 2019

What CBS News Gets Right About The Diversity Issue In Media

Diversity in is such an annoying word. It basically exists as proof of how White people like to tout their achievements in an arena that they’ve ruined for life.


Years later, I was informed that only the clones of offsprings of movie stars like Candice Bergen’s Chloe Malle or burgeoning socialites like English-born Plum Sykes, are allowed to step into the splendorous pages and wardrobe facilities of an iconic brand, that still doesn’t bother with all the fuss about — diversity.

White women rule!
America’s most trusted news organization
America’s most trusted face?

These organizations don’t want Black people on staff.

They don’t want to be champions of equality in the ways that count. They don’t want to disturb the force with interferences of talents of color, who will potentially have to unseat the “Wolf Blitzers” or “Anderson Coopers” or “Kelly Ripas,” of the universe, because that’s millions of dollars down the drain. They don’t want to painstakingly re-organize the hierarchy charts with new blood, who despite being non-White, possess the skills and work ethic that will endorse durability.

For us, by us is the only way — brands be damned.

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