We’ve Got a Rhythm Going and it Rocks

To the beat of the beat of once again decorating avatars with hues that celebrate the grimness of now.

It’s so cool to be able to change it up and then revert back once the trends buckle to the pressures of colliding traffic and numbers that no longer profitably recognize your stagnant status.

It’s the beat that brings the greatest hits to the forefront as we add yet another classic to the library.

Lives lost. Testimonials about how inhumanly impeccable they were. Snapchat interviews of one that depict the filtered last moments we all are dying to see. Because she died.

We learn once again that guns and violence hits everyone out there while we remain securely fastened from the threat of a hit.

Poor dead people who didn’t mean to die but died anyway. Didn’t God love them enough to disrupt the beat?

He loves us though. We’re still here. Internalizing yet another immense tragedy that could happen to anybody — but us.

After the late night specials and political propaganda simmer down and the pictorials and eye witness accounts become stale — the shift will move back to normal.

We will live the days assigned to us — blissfully ignorant of the facts that rule our existence.

The beat still goes on…

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